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Day 37: Pictures of Poetry

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I’m still in the middle of hell week and have one last exam tomorrow. I pre-made the other posts this week but somehow was one short for today, so this is a sort of lazy post so I can get back to studying. :?

As I mentioned in Day 16′s Post, I took a Poetry class last year. For today’s project I decided to take some of those poems I wrote and put them on images in photoshop, to possibly print out at some point or make cards or… whatever. My Poetry teacher would be appalled because she hated anything that would “distract” from the poem and all of it’s beauty… she wouldn’t even let us use fun fonts! But, I’m not in that class anymore, so I’m gonna do what I want! :D And no, I didn’t take these pictures… sorry!

So, this first poem was the week she wanted us to experiment with gaps in our poems. You’re supposed to read it like the longer the gap, the longer you pause.

(Click image to see it bigger)

This next poem was from the week we were supposed to walk around outside and do a nature poem… or it may have been when we were supposed to use more descriptive language and imagery… I forget. :neutral:

And finally, this last poem we were supposed to take something inanimate and give it feelings and emotions.

By the way, that poem was talking about a roll of yellow trace (or as we call it, trash) paper, because I was sitting at my desk in studio a couple of hours before class thinking, what the heck am I going to write about?? (I know, good student fail. Procrastination win!) I looked over and saw my roll of trash with all the wrinkled and balled up pieces around it and decided to write about that! I think it’s appropriate for the giving-life-to-inanimate-things theme because on trash is where designs really start and come “alive”! The other students in my class couldn’t figure out what the poem was about in my first draft of it, which I had called “Trash.” They had many guesses ranging from literal trash to a person that’s easily disposable, or thinks they are anyways. I made a few changes to make it slightly more clear, but I think without the image it’s still really ambiguous, but I like it that way. I like to let the reader interpret the poem in whatever way they can relate to.

I think Unfurl is my favorite in this bunch. :)

Starting tomorrow, life will be a lot less insane for at least a week because it’s Spring Break, so look for some projects with more time spent on them!

Anna Grace

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