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Day 45(1 day late): Chattanooga Pictures

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

As I mentioned in the last post, I went to Chattanooga for an overnight trip on Thursday. On Friday, we went to this awesome place called Aretha Frakensteins for brunch, which was amazing, but took a long time!! Too many people wanting good hangover food, I guess! Anyways, while driving over there, I was noticing some really cute/fun looking houses, so on the way back, I had Perrin slow down so I could take some pictures! I took all of these pictures with my Droid using the Retro Camera App. Here’s just a few.

First shot I took

I thought the Suntrust building was a cool mix of modern and old.

Really like this one for some reason…

Awesome green house!

Another house!

I liked the butterfly roof on this building.

First Tennessee bank… this is my favorite pic :)

Random billboard for the Center for Advanced Lung Care with giant lungs on it… it looks pretty hilarious to me!

And when I got back to Knoxville, I had to go to World’s Fair Park because it was so beautiful out, so I took the opportunity to take a picture of my Glitter Toms with the Sunsphere to send to the website’s How We Wear Them section. :P

This was a pretty awesome trip. I’m sad that I have to end spring break and go back to school on Monday :(

Anna Grace

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