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Day 51(1 day late): Silhouette Portraits

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Yesterday’s post was taking a long time to dry, so I didn’t finish it until today. At work, there’s a giant set of shelves that seem to be the catch all for anything we don’t know where else to put! The other day my coworker decided that we needed to tackle it and organize it. While we were doing that, we came across about half a dozen canvases of various sizes that had been painted with some popular (at the time) Benjamin Moore colors. Many of them also had some examples of different glazes. My boss was going to throw them away, so I quickly rescued them! For today’s project I used two of the pre-painted canvases that didn’t have any other faux finish or glaze. The first canvas was a brown color (Af-165 Kona) and the second was a red (1323 Currant Red). I got a picture of the brown, but forgot to snap one of the red… oops.

I couldn’t use a flash because my phone was about to die… sorry! I got the idea for this project from a print I bought for my step-mom from the UTK Prints and Pottery sale last November, but instead of using ink, I used paint! Anyways, next I used the miss-tinted paint from Day 10 and diluted it with water to make a makeshift glaze (By the way, I would never recommend doing this for a glaze on your walls… it would never last! That’s why they make glaze bases!). I washed this mixture on the canvases (one at a time) with a t-shirt. I then used a ZAR Graining Tool, which is supposed to be used with stains, but I wanted to see how it would do with this, and slowly removed some of the wash by pulling it down the canvas, rocking back and forth to add “knots.” I think they turned out pretty cool!

Close up to see grain

It obviously doesn’t look like real woodgrain, but that was sort of the point, in my opinion. Next (today), I found some profile silhouettes, like they used a lot in cameos, traced them and cut them out with an x-acto knife. I centered them on the canvases and stuck them down with double sided tape. I used these stencils with some of the leftover miss-tinted sample jars from the mosaic painting project and painted the silhouettes on the canvases, red for the man on the brown canvas, blue for the woman on the red canvas! I was very careful to make my strokes from the paper into the hole of the stencil so I wouldn’t accidentally smush some of the paint under the paper. After letting them dry for awhile, I was done!

Man (It’s hard to tell because of the glare, but he had a a fancy collar :) )



I realized as I was taking these pictures that somehow one of my hairs ended up in the painting… oops! Can you see it?

It adds character :neutral: … I think that I will probably end up hanging these over my tv, possibly with the mosaic painting in between? Modern meets traditional? I’ll post pictures if I do!

Today’s post coming later tonight!

Anna Grace

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