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Day 52: Photoshop Self-Portrait

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Today’s project isn’t a super exciting one… just some fun with photoshop! I took one of my favorite pictures of myself with red hair and decided to single out some of the colors in certain parts. Here’s what I started with:

You probably recognize this as the picture in my about me section! So I just made one copy of this black and white and left one copy in color for me to play with. With the color copy, using the magnetic lasso tool and/or the magic wand tool, I selected my hair, glasses, irises (can’t really see them, but they’re blue!), lips, and the frame of my bed that I had spray painted purple! I then just copied and pasted them all into the black and white copy after I converted it back to RGB mode.

Isn’t it crazy how bright my lips and hair look in the black and white one? It’s funny how a colors surrounding colors can change how it looks…

I’ve done this quite a bit with photos, turning my hair green and what not, and I think it’s a quick way to make a boring picture fun! I’m hoping to do something a little more exciting for tomorrow’s project, so be on the look out!

Anna Grace

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