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Day 54(1 day late): Digital Self Portrait

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Feeling much, much better today, although still taking it easy. I probably won’t get to today’s post, but such is life. For yesterday’s project, I decided to try another portrait using photoshop like I did the Elizabeth Taylor one. Apparently I’m on a portrait kick… sorry!

This week at my college is TAAST, or The Annual All-College Spring Thing! It’s a fun filled week that gets kicked off (literally… had to do it!) by kickball the first saturday and ends the next saturday with a massive Beaux Arts Ball! The week in between includes a ton of activities sponsored by the various organizations (Date Auction, Thumbtack Throwing Contest, Lego Building Contest, Installation Charrette etc.) as well as lectures and interview days where firms from all over come and interview students! As you can imagine, the interview days are pretty dang stressful, so the Beaux Arts Ball is always such a fun way to unwind. And I tell you what, us Architecture and Design kids know how to PARTY!! When we have time that is…

Every year there’s a different theme to the ball, which this year is “Inner Animal.” I’m not entirely sure what my inner animal is yet, but i’ll probably get “creative” and post the costume making process Friday! Anyways, my Freshman year the theme was “Red Carpet” and took place on the Tennessee Riverboat (that first link is me and me “dates” resting during the long walk to the boat). Sophomore year it was “Rave” (me and my raver buddies resting after intense techno dancing :D ) and took place at the Valarium. Junior year was “Prohibition” (aka flappers!!) at the Cider House which was added onto the Valrium. And last year was the “Monster” or “Avant Garde” Ball (basically Gaga style EVERYWHERE!!) at Sassy Ann’s! I do believe that this last one was the most epic! Here’s just a few pics…

From top left: Lauren as the White Queen, Alyssa with extra long hair, Lauren B avant garde devil :) , Brian and Whitney, looking down at the monsters, Monster King, Perrin as Queen of Hearts (who was crowned Monster Queen!), and Me as a Gaga poof monster!!

Well that was a really long explanation for ┬átoday’s project, but at any rate I’ve got the Beaux Arts Ball on my brain! In honor of that, I decided to do a portrait of this picture that I happened to drunkenly/fantastically take at last year’s ball.

I love this picture! I thought it would be perfect for using the same technique as day 53 since it’s already so blurry and fuzzy. Here’s what I came up with.


Side by side for comparison

Okay, I have to admit that I was really struggling with the poofy parts of my outfit and the poof in my hair, so I just cut those out of the original image and added filters to them rather than actually drawing them with the paint brush tool. I didn’t feel like spending that much time on them… I think I like the way the Elizabeth Taylor portrait turned out better than this one, but I spent a lot less time on this. Overall, I think it’s not bad! I’m pretty certain it’s going to become my facebook profile picture ASAP!

I’ll try and get to today’s project actually on today, but no guarantees!

Anna Grace

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