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Day 57: Rendered Room after Photoshop Editing

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Today I took the rendered image of the bar from yesterday and edited it in photoshop. Here’s a look at the original image as a reminder.

When I took it into photoshop I mainly fixed the issues with the original rendering. First, two of the lights above the bar didn’t turn on, so i adjusted the pool of light on the ceiling. All the pendant lights were supposed to be purple, but the bright lights washed it out, so I added a purple to the shades. Also, the majority of the chords didn’t show up, so I lightened them. Next, there was a random line on the right wall, so I just smoothed it out with the smudge tool and paintbrush. The final issue was with the bottles on the shelves. I was able to just slightly erase and fill in the color with some of them, but others were a bit harder, so I erased them completely and put in an image of wine bottles instead. After fixing those issues, I added in some black and white architectural photographs on the wall (I used the transform->distort tool the added the beveled effect and drop shadow). I also wanted some figures to give a better idea of scale and to make it look more alive, so I found some images of a bartender, waiter, and 2 people sitting on stools and added them in (I also gave the two customers some cocktails :D ). At first I just left them semi-transparent, but it looked too busy, so I picked a bright, contrasting overall color instead, which is what I’ve done on past projects for school.

click for full size

I’m really happy with how this turned out! Just realized that I forgot to add baseboards and crown molding… oh well! I think that even though I didn’t spend quite as long on this as I would one for a school project, it is still definitely worthy of going in my portfolio! Anything to make my portfolio look better and highlight my skills is definitely a plus!

Is it weird that I miss studio even though it caused me many, many, many sleepless nights (not to mention unspeakable stress and health problems!)?? I miss design in my life I think, and I would be really happy to do renderings like this all day every day!

Anna Grace

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