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Day 58: Photoshop Fun!

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

For today’s project I wanted to do something fun that I didn’t take too seriously. I realized that I’ve been stressing somewhat about this 365 project and I need to unwind a bit. So, this photoshopped image is definitely not my best ‘shopping skills, but I wasn’t too worried about that!

I decided that I wanted to take a beautiful landscape image and add funny characters too it. :D Here’s the image I started with.

Although I’m ended up completely botching this picture with me copy and paste, I actually really love it! I think it’s beautiful and will probably become my desktop pattern for awhile… Anyways! I was looking through google images after searching “high fashion model” because I originally had this idea to put some models in ridiculous outfits and poses into this hay field. This picture came up (which was from America’s Next Top Model Season 11)

Again, I actually love this photo, and ANTM is definitely my guilty pleasure (marathons on Bravo? YES.), but I got the idea of mashing up a bunch of pictures of models jumping out of the hay! I also wanted some red elements, so I gave one of the models a red umbrella, added a bunch of red balloons, and even gave Superman a cameo! :) Here’s all the photos I used (click thumbnails to see full size)

And this is what I ultimately came up with.

It’s pretty much just utterly ridiculous, but I still love it! :D hahaha

Perhaps a more serious not tomorrow? I hope not!

Anna Grace

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