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Day 65 (1 day late): Faux Resin Pendants

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

For yesterdays project, I decided to take another crack at some faux resin jewelry, this time using a mold. So for the mold, I just used a mini bottle of perfume to get the shape I wanted.

I think I made it a little too deep, because it was hard to get the hot glue in all the crevices. Anyways, I just did the clear hot glue and bunched up basket fill, and did two tries. I then took them out of the mold (the coldness of it made one side solidify pretty quickly) and put them on those boil bags like the other day and ironed to smooth them out more.

Since these were a bit thicker than the earrings, it left gaps between the sides where they had been ironed, so once they were cool and trimmed down a bit, I just did a bead of of hot glue all the way around. Here’s the finished product

I think these came out slightly more uniform in shape because of the mold, and I didn’t have to trim as much off. I will probably put these on some plain chain necklaces I have.

BTW I’ve worn some of those earrings I made twice now and gotten several complements!

Anna Grace

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