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Day 4: Droid Draw Pad

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Today’s creation is brought to you by my Droid Incredible. I am currently at a friends apartment enjoying a few movies, so I don’t have my computer to do a post like I normally would. So, I decided to do some quick drawings using the Draw Pad app on my phone. I discovered that it is actually really hard to draw on my phone, but these were my best attempts!

This was an attempt at a flower… pretty colors, though!





Anna Grace

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  1. Clarissa Said,

    Love the Pear!

  2. Mary Lu smith Said,

    Love these creations. Hope you do some paintings based on these, ESP. The pear. Love, mimom

  3. annagrace Said,

    Thanks you all! I like the pear the best, too! I think there is some potential for a painting of it!

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