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Day 73: 2 Recorder Duets, Disen and Ekko

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

These recorder duets were really easy and short, so I did two of them! In fact, they were from a pdf I found on called 20 Easy Recorderduets for Children… haha! So, yeah they were easy. :D They were written by Tom Horn and it looks as though the title might have originally been in German (20 lette blokfløjteduetter for børn), so the titles of the duets are in German also. Also, I played these on Alto Recorder using Soprano fingerings.

The first one is called Disen.


The second one is called Ekko (it’s sort of like a round). BTW I changed from minor to major because it was having issues with the Bb fingering!


There ya go!

Anna Grace

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