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Day 74: Jar of Hearts

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

The song Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri has been stuck in my head for literally months!! I just think it’s soooo beautiful!! And haunting! I think the video is pretty beautiful too, other than the awkward way he sucks out their hearts haha! So anyways, since it’s been in my head so long I decided to record it! I searched for a long time and finally found a full pdf copy of the whole song and parts. So I just put the piano part into garage band (which took forever!!!!!) and the recorded the main part and then the harmony. I wasn’t that familiar with the harmony so it’s sort of iffy at times, and there’s one part in the sheet music (during the bridge) where it just stops mid sentence… so I sounds sort of strange, but oh well!

Jar of Hearts

I think I’ve just succeeded in getting it stuck in my head even worse! Ahhhh oh well… at least it’s an awesome song! :)

Anna Grace

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