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Day 75(3 days late): Scrap Skulls

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

This post is shamefully late… I haven’t been this far behind posts yet this whole project, and I’m sorry! But, I have my phone back and will try and catch up with as many posts today as I can.

So for Sunday’s post, I was lying in my living room floor (because my back was hurting) and talking to my friend who was there when I started playing around with the feathers that are still on my floor (and keep appearing!) from when I made my ostrich costume. We had been talking about how my blog got featured on Make Something 365 and on Skull A Day (which I hadn’t told you all about… but the Jelly Bean Skull was featured the same day as my blog on Make Something 365!!), and how, as Whitney jokes, I like skulls and and black or gray things like that because they’re “dark like my soul!” Hahahaha… it’s a running joke that I have a “black soul” and Whitney’s is potentially a floral explosion of color. :) Just because I have a little more edge in some of my clothing choices, and she is the definition of cute! Anyways, I was playing with the feathers and thought, I should make a skull out of feathers to go with my black soul! (BTW I don’t really think I have a black soul, and I actually wear a lot of bright colors… I just am a little more hard edged than Whit, which isn’t hard to do :D ) The feather’s were surprisingly easy to work with because they have a natural curve to them. Whitney said that we needed to make it a girl skull and give it a bow (which I agreed with because I like cute stuff, too!), so we each made one for it. Here’s the feather skull with my bow made out of tissue paper.

And Whitney decided to make a bow out of the purple easter basket fill leftover from making the faux resin jewelry.

Which bow do you like better?

After making the feather skull, I decided to make another one out of the basket fill. It was a lot harder to work with because it sort of sprang out in every direction, so I couldn’t make the holes out of a darker color like I wanted to. Instead I just used some beads to make them.

It’s funny how my living room has turned into Create A Day 365 Headquarters where everything is made! I’ve got to get all my crafting stuff organized!

Anna Grace

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