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Day 77(2 days late): Sunrise Video

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Like I mentioned yesterday, I recorded a video using Myspace Karaoke, but it wouldn’t load! It is finally done processing today, so here it is!

MySpace Karaoke video/audio recording of Norah Joness Sunrise, as performed by Anna Grace. Watch it on MySpace Karaoke. Think you can do better? Record your version now!

via Sunrise recorded by Anna Grace | -MySpace Karaoke.

I picked Norah Jones Sunrise because I love her voice and I think it’s a beautiful song! I’m sort of awkward in this video and it sort of reminds me of this youtube classic (which I never fail to laugh hysterically at… even after seeing it a hundred times!), but at least I have the words in front of me and can sing-ish!!

How do you like my new glasses???

I once was a breadpan!!!

*15 second pose starting now*



Love you like a bro and cyst in Christ!

Anna Grace

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