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Day 80: More Than Words

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I’m on a music kick at the moment… sorry! Anyways, I was thinking about some other songs that had amazing harmonies like in Day 79′s Because, and I thought of Extreme’s More Than Words. I mean, with a name like Extreme, you wouldn’t think they could do such a soft and beautiful song, but they rocked it, tight pants, long hair and all!

I found a recording of this that was just the guitar and bass, so I recorded that straight from the computer, so sorry for the bad quality… (BTW does anybody know if there’s any way to load an mp3 straight into Garage Band? Let me know!) The site I found that on also had it where you could isolate the main vocal part and the harmony, so I downloaded one of each and used those as my guides for recording the other parts. I then found some sheet music, just to make sure I was getting the rhythms right, but unfortunately, it didn’t have the second verse with the harmony written out, so it’s a little off in my recording and into the bridge…

More Than Words

I’m actually not that familiar with this song other than occassionally hearing it on the radio, so I think I did a decent job, all things considered! I would spend more time on it, but I’ve got to be at work at 8 am, so I’ll post it as is.

I’m finally caught up!! YAY!

Anna Grace

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