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Day 5: Tissue Collage

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Today’s collage all started with me wanting to have something on either side of my flower painting from day 2. I came across some $1 frames at walmart and decided they would be perfect to fill with something. Here’s one as I bought it:

When I got home, I took out the cheesy family photos and flipped them over to the plain white side. I took some purple tissue paper I got while working at Bags & Bows and cut it into 2 rectangles, then crumpled them up so they didn’t look so perfect. Next, I did the same with the Shadow Damask Tissue (which is my absolute favorite :D ). I also printed out large letters (A,G, and S) in Times New Roman and traced over them on sketch pad paper, then filled them in with silver metallic sharpies. To make it a little more interesting, I tore the letters out and then burned the edges of them (don’t worry… I did this all outside with a bowl full of water ready in case they flared up too much.). The S’s kept burning too much for some reason and just fell apart, so I ended up just using the A’s and G’s. I attached these letters and the wrinkled tissue squares to the back of the stock family photos with double sided tape.

Finished Product

One of the two collages

Detail of initial

Hung on the wall!

This project is making my apartment beautiful!

Also, quick shout-out to my Mimom who turned 77 today!! Love you so much and thanks for being a creative inspiration!

Anna Grace

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  1. Jen Said,

    Lovin’ it Anna! Although I must say I’m kinda sad you didn’t make use of the cheesy family photo ;) Happy birthday to your Mimom!

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