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Day 84(5 days late): 2 Recorder Duets

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

So this is a fairly short and easy project, but I’m trying to get caught up!! So, I recorded two recorder duets from  20 Easy Recorder Duets for Children by Tom Horn. The first one is called Nissedens. I recorded both parts on the soprano recorder. I only did one take of each, so forgive the mistakes!!


Since that was only 20 seconds long, I recorded another one! This one was called Tag-fat and was recorded with alto recorder with soprano fingerings. It took a lot longer because the way the rhythms of the two parts worked well when together, but when separate, they were sort of confusing. Also, all the written B’s were supposed to be flat, but I just couldn’t get the fingering down that way, so I just kept them natural…. It makes it sort of strange sometimes, but oh well!


I’ve got two more posts in the works today, see be on the lookout later tonight!

Anna Grace

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