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Day 87(3 days late): 8 Easy Recorder Duets

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I’m doing a lot of recorder duets right now… sorry! They’re a quick and easy way to try and catch up on some posts!

This set of duets is a little bit better, because it’s more than just a few! I recorded the first 8 duets from Tom Horn’s 20 Easy Recorder Duets for Children on Alto Recorder (soprano fingerings). I did it all as one track so I wouldn’t have eight few tracks that were like 20 seconds long :) . Excuse the sniffling between songs… The songs in order are 1. Enten – Eller, 2. Skyggespil, 3. En spadseretur, 4. Alfedans, 5. I skoven, 6. Pardans, 7. Roturen, 8. Gadedrengens sang.



Anna Grace

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