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Day 90(1 day late): My Junk from Spring Awakening

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I was listening to my music on shuffle today while studying, and Spring Awakening songs kept coming on! I took is as a sign that I needed to record a song from it for yesterday’s project! I decided to do one of my favorite songs, My Junk. For this one, I decided to record the guitar part using multiple recorder parts. I recorded 3 (sometimes 4… for like 2 measures) on Soprano Recorder, but they were an octave too high, so I put them down an octave in Garage Band. I then recorded the main vocal part and one of the harmonies. This took forever!!!! For whatever reason, I had a really hard time getting the rhythms to line up with the recorder. Sometimes it’s still a little off and the harmony is sort of iffy, but oh well!

My Junk

I think all things considered, it turned out pretty well! I like to do all recorded instruments and not have any midi ones from garage band.

Look out for today’s post later… It’s the end of month 3, so I’ll be doing another recap video! :D

Anna Grace

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