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Day 92(3 days late): Paint Chip Card

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

As I mentioned before, I am currently in Atlanta for my cousin Matt’s wedding! The rehearsal dinner is tonight, but we decided the present from my sister and myself would be appropriate to give them tonight, instead of tomorrow. I will post what I made later after they see it, but I also made a card for them!

Over the past few weeks at work I’ve been organizing and reordering the big books of color chips. I would take out ones that were messed up, so in the end, I ended up with a huge stack! Instead of throwing them all away, I kept them and took them home thinking I would make something out of them! Here’s about half of them!

Anyways, I will probably use these for many, many projects, but today, I used them to make a card for my cousin and his wife! I just stuck two gray shades together and cut a square out with pinking shears, then did the same with a red and another gray (the bridesmaid dresses are red…). On the front gray side, I wrote their names with a red sharpie and drew some swirlies on the other side. On the red I wrote our message to them, and on the back gray side, I did some more decorations in red. I tied these two sides together with red wraphia!

Gotta run!!

Anna Grace

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