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Day 98(2 days late): Mother’s Day Present!

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

So, I’m a little late on this, considering Mother’s Day was on Sunday and it’s now Wednesday, but things got pretty crazy, so I’m just now getting to this… at any rate, I didn’t see my mom on Mother’s day, but will see her Friday!

Anyways, for my mom I decided to use the other hand casting from Day 66. For this one, I sanded it just like the one for my dad as much as I could with a sanding sponge. I then loosely colored all over it with a yellow prismacolor marker. Next, I drew a musical staff swirling down from the pointer finger to the wrist, getting larger as it went, with a dark gray marker. I wanted to do something musical since my mother is a professor of horn and also leads the family choir at church. I finally decided I would do something from church so I could write the words as well, and I found a site that had one of our Hymnal’s, Wonder Love and Praise, in it. I settled upon Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit because we always have so much fun when we sing it! So, I wrote the soprano and alto part out in a red marker, as well as the lyrics. It was hard to get everything to fit at the smallest part, so the measures are sort of long! Here’s the finished product:

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!! Sorry this is so late… So glad I get to see you Friday!

Anna Grace

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