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A couple hours ago, I was working on a completely different project for today when I heard a knock on my door. The birthday present I have been most excited about getting finally arrived!! I knew my mom was going to get me a nice recorder (not the cheapy ones you had to play in elementary school), but when I opened the box there were TWO RECORDERS!!! A Soprano one and an Alto one!!

TWO!!! I think I’m in love!

So, obviously, I immediately dropped the project I was working on (you’ll see it another day!) and started playing with my awesome recorders! I then realized, with the amazing software that is Garage Band, I could record a duet with myself!!! So I found some free recorder music and did it! It’s probably a lot slower than it’s supposed to be, but we have to remember that I’ve NEVER played an Alto Recorder before. The piece is Mayden Lane from Playford’s Dancing Master arranged by Penny Gardner. It’s just 35 sec. long, but it took a lot longer than that to record. There’s a few intonation issues, but I’m pretty pleased with it, overall, considering it was my first attempt!

Recorder Duet

Many, many, many more recorder tracks to come, I’m sure!

Thanks so much, mom!

Anna Grace

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