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Day 76(2 days late): 100 Years

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

So this didn’t work out how I wanted it to, but I was determined to get one more post in today. I found this Karaoke thing on MySpace where you can record (just audio or video) different songs and upload them. Well I recorded a video a few hours ago, and you’re supposed to be able to embed it into your page… well I just checked back on it and it says it’s uploaded, but it’s still processing!! I may try and post that video tomorrow, but we’ll just have to see. At any rate, I ended up doing a completely different song and recorded myself singing to the karaoke track… so the recording came out really crappy quality. Oh well!

Anyways, the song is 100 Years by Five For Fighting (BTW I really want that piano… it’s so awesome!). For reasons that I can’t remember, this song was really important to my group of friends at Governor’s School the summer of 2005 (after Junior year of high school) when I went to the West campus for Oboe in the Orchestra. Maybe it was because GSW was a significant turning point in many of our lives. I think we all got a much better idea of who we were in that short six week period and got a taste of what life would be like in college living away from parents. I know that those six weeks were probably the greatest part of high school for me. At any rate, I remember listening to this song a lot while sitting on the couch outside the practice rooms, but particularly one time towards the end of camp when we were all thinking about having to go back to the real world and our separate high schools. I think there were about 6 of us smushed together and sitting on top of each other on this little love seat that was meant for 2 people. :D I’m sad that this recording didn’t come out better, but here it is anyways.

100 Years

You know, I met some really amazing people at GSW. I wish I could say that I still keep in touch with them, but sadly I don’t except for a few I’m friends with on facebook, but don’t really talk to. Maybe I’ll reach out to some of them soon :)

Going to try and catch up with posts tomorrow, but definitely on Friday because I don’t have class!!

Anna Grace