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It’s been several days since I posted, but I’ve been pretty stressed out and I just needed a few days to unwind a bit. I don’t have a legitimate excuse, but I’ll try and bust out some posts later this week.

As you may recall, I have been spending the past several posts counting down music from the years I have been alive. I’ve been choosing one top 100 hit (typically using this list) from each year and recording it quickly and simply (usually) a cappella. I’ve gone all the way from 2010 and have finally reached the year of my birth, 1988! Because we’re at the end of this theme I was doing, I wanted to make this last one special. If you look at the list for 1988, there are several good songs on there. I thought about a bunch of them… I even contemplated rick-rolling you people, but luckily for you, I decided against it. :) Finally, I came across number 32 on the list, Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin, and decided it had to be done. But, I couldn’t just sing the melody a cappella… I had to do all of the parts!! So after searching around for awhile for some sheet music, I came across this nifty little site that helps you listen to every individual part and sing along with it! I just listened to each part and recorded myself singing it with headphones in! The bass part was way too low for me to sing so I sang it up an octave and then brought it down in Garage Band. The rhythm of it was kind of crazy, so it’s not exactly right in some spots, but I think it turned out alright. And since I recorded each track individually, there are some places where all of the parts don’t line up exactly, but I think it turned out really good!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy (1988)

This was a lot of fun to do!! I think was a great way to finish off this recap of my life through music! :mrgreen:

Anna Grace