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Day 247(16 days late): Vogue (1990)

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

I was trying really, really hard to not repeat artists in this little top 100 countdown of my musical past, but when I realized that the number 1 song in 1990 was Madonna’s Vogue, I had to do it! As we all know by now, I love love love Madonna! The way she has reinvented herself over the years so many times is just amazing, but her vogue era is probably one of my favorites! Anyone who knows me well and has gone out to the local bar, Hanna’s, knows that when this song comes on, I am allllllll over it! Singing every word, even in the sort of rap part! It’s just so fabulous!! It’s also a favorite one to car dance too! (I’m talking to you, Jen!!)

At any rate, I just sang this a cappella with the main melody and then added the harmony. Love this song!!!

Vogue (1990)

I’m so happy  I did this song! It has made today/tonight soooo much better!! :mrgreen: And what a great way to round out the 90s!

Anna Grace