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Day 270: And Then There Were None

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Today’s song come from my favorite musical, which you all know by now… Spring Awakening! This song is And Then There Were None. I had sort of avoided this song until now because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tackle the speaking part (Melchior’s mother) and the Moritz’s singing in one song, but after trying it a few times, it just wasn’t the same without the spoken part, so I had to do it!

I started out by putting all of the piano parts into Garage Band and then I recorded the spoken part. I had to mess with the lengths of some of the piano parts to get things to line up right, but eventually worked it out. I then started to add the vocal part on top, but I quickly realized the original key was too low for me, so I bumped it up a 5th and went on my merry way! After that, I recorded the background vocals and was done!

And Then There Were None

I think this turned out pretty good! And it’s one more song off the Spring Awakening soundtrack I can scratch off my list!

Anna Grace