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Day 50(1 day late): As Long As You Love Me

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I have internet again!!!!! :mrgreen: Yay!! So, for yesterday’s post I pulled out the old 1998-1999 Smash Pop Hits book again and decided to do As Long As You Love Me by the Backstreet Boys!! I wasn’t really into this boy band as much as some girls my age since I knew that it was set in stone that I would marry Taylor Hanson (That’s him with his wife and four kids!!!), but I did definitely have a thing for Brian Littrell (Seriously. How cute is he?!). :D I remember watching this video and thinking it was sooooo awesome! Now I watch it and I laugh at how utterly 90′s it is! Nick definitely knew how to rock the bleach blonde center part haha!

Anyways, I decided to explore my droid market and see if there were any musical instrument apps, and came across Solo Lite, which basically pre-loads guitar chords and you can strum along! So I decided to attempt using this app while recording the song… so some parts are very off, but c’est la vie! I then wrote out the melody, recorded the main voice part and added drums effects and what-not.

As Long As You Love Me

I screwed up the end pretty royally, but I was totally over recording it again (it’s a little low for me so I was losing my voice!), so I just left it as is!

By the way, can you believe we’re 50 days in??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! INSANITY! When we hit the 2 month mark, I’ll be doing another recap like I did at the month mark, so stayed tuned for that!

Also, my project for today is taking a lot longer than planned (waiting on stuff to dry!), so I will probably be doing two posts tomorrow to catch up!

Anna Grace