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Day 309: August Desktop Wallpaper

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

Well, I skipped the month of July as far as desktop patterns go, but it’s only the first of August and I’m already posting one for this month! Yay progress!

As per usual, I created this desktop calender around Benjamin Moore’s Spring/Summer color collection from Pottery Barn! I decided that this month’s theme needed to be the beach, because although some public schools started classes today, it’s still summer! That and if I could afford it and could take the time off, I would TOTALLY be at the beach right now. Who wants to make that a reality, hmmm?? :mrgreen: Anyway, I found a little clip art of a sandcastle that I though was cute and changed all the colors to those in the Spring/Summer Collection! This wallpaper may be a bit cheesy in comparison to some others I’ve done, but I think the color change helped tone it down a bit. Here’s the original clip art file just so you can get an idea of how many colors I had to change!

So then I just changed the background, stripe, and calendar colors and chose a different font and I was done! Here’s the final product:

And on my desktop…

See? Much more muted and way less garish. As always, click the top image above to get the full size version and feel free to download it and use it on your computer! Enjoy!!

Anna Grace

I am now an astonishing 6 (aaaahhh!!! :shock: ) days late!! But, like I said, these past couple of weeks have been insane what with last week’s crazy busy work schedule and me rushing to pack and move this week! But, I thought I’d take a breather for a bit today and do a post! I hope to catch up on next week, but maybe this will help me not be too ridiculously far behind!

I’ve seen some desktop images from time to time that were calendars. I always thought it was a neat idea and a good way to not get tired of the same old background (mine’s been the digital portrait I did of Elizabeth Taylor since the day I made it… oops), so I decided to create my own for August! I wanted to give it a summery theme, so I found a simple image of a table and chairs with an umbrella and I did everything in Benjamin Moore Pottery Barn Spring/Summer 2011 Colors! Every single color used (even the lines and numbers on the calendar!) came straight from that collection! so here’s the final result!

Click the image to see it full-size and feel free to set it as your desktop wallpaper! I made it 1024×768 pixels because that was supposedly the “standard” size for desktops, but when I tried to use it as mine, I had to stretch it out to get it to fit!

I think it still looks pretty good, even stretched out! I enjoyed doing this, so I may make this a monthly thing!

Sorry I’m so behind… I promise I’ll catch up next week!

Anna Grace