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Day 247(17 days late): Baby Got Back (1992)

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Yep. You read that title right. I covered Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back! When I saw that it was one of the top 100 songs from 1992, I decided it had to be done!! It’s probably the most inappropriate song I have ever done or will ever do, but it’s so much fun! Every person around my age knows all the words to this (or at least thinks they do) and will continually jump up and down and belt out every last filthy/suggestive word when it comes on! It’s also a top karaoke choice, so it can’t be too bad, right?! All I have to say is, I can guarantee that I had know idea what any of these lyrics meant until I was much older! :mrgreen:

So, any good rap song starts with a good beat and a loop. I laid the thumping bass line down with my ukulele, which just succeeded in making it extra white and nerdy! But anywho, I recorded that and looped it so my fingers wouldn’t fall off! Then I recorded the “Oh my God, Becky… ” intro and lined up the “bass” to start at the right time. Then, I recorded the verses… and it went terribly! I have mastered the first verse, no problem, but the second verse messed me up soooo bad!! So, I stumbled through it and ultimately got a decent take…. but this just proves, yet again, that I am a┬áridiculously white chick (with no butt at all, I might add) who shouldn’t be rapping. I knew there was no way I would be able to get all the words, so I did as best as I could. Finally I recorded the little extra vocal parts that are thrown in here and there, and I was done! Brace yourself for the hilarity…. :cool:

Baby Got Back (1992)

Sometimes doing something like this is necessary to remain sane! And I try not to take myself so seriously all the time. :D Hope I put a little laughter into your day! :mrgreen:

Anna Grace