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Day 288: RHCP Beaded Bracelets

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I decided to give the whole beaded craft on a loom another shot. This time, I made 2 bracelets! On the 10th, I’m going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers play in Georgia!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!! This is the first time they’ve done a US tour in almost 5 years, so when I heard about the tour, I immediately asked my mom for a ticket for Christmas, and she kindly obliged! They are probably my all-time favorite band… I’ve even seriously contemplated getting a tattoo based around their Californication album! At any rate, I decided to make myself a bracelet to wear to the concert!

This time I made my pattern in on the computer, and here it is.

The red sort of sun looking thing is supposed to be their logo, an asterisk. Here’s some shots of the progress.

I ended up having to make this a lot longer than I expected, so I ended up with a lot of white space, but that’s alright! After I finished, I wove the ends together to make it a solid loop. I made it with stretchy string so I can get it on and off pretty easily.

Somewhat hard to read, but I still like it and will wear it proudly next Tuesday! After I finished, I texted a picture to my friend, Brian, who is going to the concert with me, asking if he wanted one. He replied as predicted with, “Hell yes!” :D So, I made him one as well! I was running low on the white beads, so I replaced them with lime green. I also knew his wrist is a lot bigger than mine, so I put an asterisk between each letter. It’s not quite done… still have to weave the ends together, but here it is anyways!

I think it turned out pretty awesome, and Brian loves it! If I have time and enough beads, I might make some for the other two guys going with us! SO RIDICULOUSLY PUMPED!!! EEEEEEE!!!

Anna Grace


Day 287: Beaded Keychain

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Sometimes when I’m at Walmart, Target, or Hobby Lobby I’ll head over to the kids craft section and see if anything catches my eye that looks like fun… even better if it’s on sale! This creative project is a perfect example of that!

It’s a loom that you use to make beaded jewelry! While all the beads are colored a bit too bright for my slightly more adult taste, I decided a fun, bright keychain might be nice! So I created a pattern, as you can see below.

I used the pink, aqua and lime green beads to spell out my initials with a border surrounding. I meant to take pictures of the process, but I forgot, so here is the final result!

Pretty neat I think! Although, I have no clue how an 8 year old do it! It was hard work! I think I will attempt another one!

Anna Grace


Day 55 (1 day late): Skull Quilt Project Square 3

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Feeling much, much better today. I called in sick to work because I still felt bad this morning, but it seems the few extra hours of rest were all I needed! I hope to be back to my normal self by tomorrow.

For yesterday’s project, I made another Skull Quilt Square for Skull-A-Day’s quilts to be auctioned off for Becky’s Fund. For this third skull, I used the same orange t-shirt fabric as I did in the second square. I meant to take pictures as I went, but I got so caught up in making it that I forgot… oops! So I’ll just describe my process.

I started by making a 12×12″ square out of the t-shirt. I also had a tank top from Victoria’s Secret that was a giveaway to promote the 2010 fashion show. It didn’t fit me at all, so I cut out the words “fashion” and “show” and stuck them on with liquid stitch. I then played around with some beads I had to try and form the shape of a skull. I ended up using blue circle beads mixed with black and white striped beads to form the main shape, an orange bead for the nose hole and a donut bead broken in half to form the jaw. It turned out sort of abstracted, but I like it! It’s a haute couture skull! :) After gluing those down, I formed a purse of of some black and white beads, and the strap for it out of some more donut shaped beads broken in half. I think they look like links in a chain, which is pretty cool! A green bead served as the “clasp” for the purse. I finished off the square with some layered pink and blue beads in the O’s of the words to spice it up a little. :D

Okay so make that very abstracted skull. I still like it a lot though! I hope to make at least one more of these before mailing them out!

Working on the post for today right now… look for that later tonight!

Anna Grace