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Day 264: Beaux Arts Photoshop

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

One of the first apps I downloaded for my iPad was the Photoshop Express app. As you well know by now, I love Photoshop and all of it’s amazing abilities, so I was curious to see what this free downloadable version of Photoshop for iPad could do! So I decided to play with some pictures that I already had on my iPad. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many pics on there and was limited to choosing either from my Paris pictures or from Beaux Arts 2010: the Monster Ball. So, I choose the Beaux Arts pics!

As I’ve already explained in a previous post, the Beaux Arts Ball is a sort of dance that the UTK College of Architecture and Design has every spring. Each year there is a different theme that everybody dresses in. The costumes are always crazy and risqué, but none more crazy than 2010 when the theme was Monster Ball or Lady Gaga/ Avant Garde. I took some so-so pictures of myself and my friends that night, but I thought I would highlight the crazy costumes even more by amping them up with the PS Express app!

The first picture I edited was of my good friend Whitney and my current roommate, Haley! While neither of them are actually in the CoAD at UT, they’d both been to a couple of the balls with me and didn’t want to miss the chance at another one! They went a somewhat more traditional route with fun jewelry and makeup and false eyelashes. That is, more traditional as compared to the rest of our group… they laughed so hard when they saw me! I do love Haley’s fabulous mask/headpiece and Whit had these great gold shiny sticker things from the Wal-Mart craft department stuck all over her! They kept falling off all night and we HAD to save them… oh the memories!! Anywho, they looked like hot stuff while the rest of us just looked crazy! Here’s the original pic.

And here’s the after! (I’d go into detail about what I did to it, but the Percocet’s kicking in so I’m going to make this snappy…)

This next picture is of my roommate at the time and fellow ID major, Alyssa. Her approach to the Gaga style was to put extensions in her hair to make a ridiculously long braid which she intertwined butterflies, flowers and other things into and then added some white body spray paint to her body and hair. She also had some jewels she put around her eyes! Here is the original photo.

And the after!!

This photo is of my good friend, Brian! He took a pretty simple route by just wearing a mask/headpiece, but man, it was a pretty awesome/extravagant thing! I think the original photo is pretty cool on it’s own as just a moment captured in time!

But even though I liked it as is, I decided to play with it a bit anyways! :)

This picture is of my friend Lauren B. She and I went together to MAC in Belk before the ball to get our makeup done! I thought her funky makeup went really well with her sort of bat wings and black satin and leather she had going on! Before…


This next picture is of my friend Lauren M. She and our other friend Perrin (who’s pic I’ll show next!) decided to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme! Lauren was the White Queen with lace and tulle and flowers and birds and God knows what else in here hair all covered with white hair and body spray paint! The before!

Aaaannnnnddddd after!

The person in this picture is Perrin, who was my roommate at the time! She went with the Alice theme and ran with it! She spent forever on the Queen of Hearts costume, molding the corset out of cards, making the mask and crown, perfecting the makeup… the girl loves costume-making and she’s great at it! She won best female costume! She hates this photo of her, but I thought it was cute with her blowing the little hearts :) . Here’s the before

And maybe she’ll like it more now after editing?

This last picture is of little old me! Since I couldn’t wear a mask with my glasses, I had my makeup done to look like a mask in rainbow colors to match the rainbow poofs on my costume! False eyelashes on the upper and lower lids made it even better and this was my initial discovery of my favorite hot pink lipstick! I also teased my hair as much as possible to add to the poof level of the whole ensemble… Here’s the before, which isn’t a bad picture itself, thanks to the handy work of my friends :)

And the after, amped up a touch :D

There you have it! Apparently the photoshop app brings out my hidden love for over-exposed, obscured, fuzzy-edged, bright, hipster photos! Haha I always knew there was a little hipster in me! :mrgreen: I love how all of these turned out! They just add to the memory of how awesome that night was! :D

Anna Grace


Day 60(1 day late): Beaux Arts Costume Day 2

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I finished up my costume yesterday just in time for the ball and didn’t have time to post… then didn’t get home until around 5 am because I’m a party animal! (lol literally an animal last night!!) And I was…. wait for it… an OSTRICH!!!

At any rate, I had already finished the top the night before and had started pinning the layers of tulle to the skirt with safety pins. I made it extra poofy in the back to be like the ostriches big feathery butts! Then yesterday when I got off work, I finished pinning the rest of the tulle around, (which took a few trial runs), then wove black and white feathers into the mesh of the tulle (it was a wider meshed weave than most tulles, BTW). I started with white on the bottom, doing a few rows, then did black to the top of the skirt. I ran out of feathers and time, so I left a bit of the tulle showing at the top. The black feathers turned my hands black! Which I didn’t realize until I looked in the mirror when I was done and had black all over my face!! haha Here’s the done skirt…

There were feather bits everywhere in my living room and on my couch… I’m saving that to clean later today!

So! Then, after washing the black off of my face, I did my make up and got dressed. I started to draw a large beak on my face, but I just looked like a creepy clown, so I just used gray and silver eyeshadow on my lips, and tons of gray/black shadow and eyeliner for my eyes! Blurry pic below

Here’s the final costume all together!

Sorry it’s sort of blurry! This was at my friend’s apartment and he happened to have a giant tree hanging on his wall! Perfect for the jungle :) . I ended up wearing a gray shirt under the top because I was worried about the boobage overflow (a valid concern…), but at the ball I got really really hot, so I tore a slit in the front of the gray shirt (I think I’ve worn that like twice in the several years I’ve owned it so I wasn’t worried) and pulled the arms off and tucked them into the skirt. It left a little babydoll neckline piece of gray at the top, just enough to cover me to where I was comfortable. Wish I had a pic… people should be uploading pictures to facebook soon, so maybe there will be one! People thought I had done that purposefully! I paired the skirt and top with a pair of gray tights I have with white polka dots, thinking the dots would be sort of like the texture of the ostrich skin. I actually wore the tights inside out, because the reverse was more textured! I also wore my feather/angel wing earrings (as you can see in the makeup picture) and a little feathery clip in my hair, that you can’t really see, but I got it at Hobby Lobby and here it is online. Kind of looks like a spider… oh well! Here’s a pic of me and my friends, who were dressed as a lion and a giraffe, before heading to the ball.

I helped Lauren out with the spots on her body using a stencil she made and brown and gold eye shadow and the we sprayed her down with gold glitter spray to make them stay. They stayed most of the night!

The ball was a blast, even though there weren’t that many people there. There were several people dressed as black swans (because of the movie), so I was glad to be a different bird and stand out! I was some what surprised at the lack of creativity in costumes this year, because usually people spend days on them, but I think mine was one of the most creative. :D The feathers were falling out everywhere though, so I told people I was molting! Here’s what the skirt looked like when I got home…


If I use this costume again (which I just might for Halloween!) I think I’ll try and glue the feathers down somehow to the skirt. I had hot glued the top and that worked pretty well, but I was worried about the hot glue melting the tulle. Also, you know how the feathers turned my hands black when I was making it? Well, I noticed when I was driving my friend home that they had turned my arms black from dancing and sweating, I guess!

It made a weird pattern, huh?

Anyways, I had a blast at the ball, and then at Sassy Ann’s afterwards (even though some major drama went down… I chose to ignore it.) and even though I was molting, I think the costume overall was a major success! By the way, on the way to taking my friend home we stopped at Sonic and the car in front of us in the drive thru got a DUI!! It was pretty insane… I mean, who gets a DUI in a drive thru??? If you’re too drunk to pull up to the speaker properly and order, then I worry about how you got there… We had to wait like 15 minutes to order because they were blocking the speaker and then their friends in another car were blocking the window! I just wanted my food!

Look out for today’s post in a bit… we’re at the 2 month mark so I’ll be doing another video recap!

Anna Grace


Day 59: Beaux Arts Costume Day 1

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

So, I’m splitting this up into 2 posts because it’s taken up most of my day today to find all the stuff and I have a raging headache, so I’ll make this snappy.

I talked about the Beaux Arts Ball a few days ago, but long story short, the college of Architecture and Design has a ball every year and this year’s theme is “Inner Animal.” I thought about this a long time and I don’t necessarily think that this is my inner animal, but I just thought it would be a fun costume. I won’t reveal what it is until tomorrow, but here’s how far I got with it today.

The main thing I did was attach the feathers to the top and then play with the tulle. This was the first trial of the tulle and I’ve since figured out a better way to do it, but didn’t feel like taking a picture. I’m debating whether I want to wear a t-shirt or something under the top or not… it’s pretty revealing!

Sorry this is such a short post…. I’m really not feeling so hot. Hoping it’s not the flu or whatever I had earlier this week coming back to haunt me!

Anna Grace