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Day 218(14 days late): Cast Doodles 3

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

About a week and a half ago, I got cast number three put on my broken wrist. I had done a few different doodles on it and was planning on posting it yesterday, but at work I was holding a quart under my arm and somehow the lid popped off! At any rate, the paint went all over my clothes, the front desk, the floor and my cast… completely covering the majority of the doodles I had done with a yellow/beige shade that would great on a wall, but terrible on my light pink cast! So, I decided to embrace the paint today and just paint my whole cast!

I did a little research and found that it was totally fine to put latex paint on a fiberglass cast, plus I’m getting it off Friday, so I wasn’t too worried about it! I had some of that blue/green paint from way back on day 10, so I did a coat of that all over the cast, taking care to just get it on the fiberglass part, and not the cotton or inside the cast.

After that dried, I used a metallic silver sharpie to freehand a sort of damask pattern. I was looking at a picture when I drew it, and it ended up a lot bigger than I was planning… but I think it turned out pretty cool! Then I used a slate blue and a fushia sharpie to outline the shape.

I decided it needed a little bit more, so I thought I would put a little sort of scroll in the two bottom “corners” if you’re looking at my arm palm down. I drew one the same way I did the big pattern, but then I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to draw one one the opposite side because I couldn’t reach it, so one will have to do! Here’s a close up of the side scroll and then a side view of the whole cast.

I think it turned out pretty cool and it’s definitely better than the awkward mess it was last night after I spilled paint on it! And let me tell you, I am SO PUMPED to get this thing off on Friday!! It’s still pretty sore, so I think I may have to wear a brace for awhile, at least at work, but we’ll see what the doctor says!

Anna Grace


Day 208(11 days late): Cast Doodles 2

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

As you should know by now, I have a broken wrist. I showed you the doodles that covered my first cast a few weeks ago. Well, two weeks ago I had to get another cast because the old one was too big after all the swelling went down. For this cast I decided to just have people sign it and draw on it (even m boss’s three year old…) except for one spot that I dedicated to one of my favorite sites, Regretsy.

There’s a secret part (and by secret I mean that you just have to know the password, which is EVERYWHERE!) of Regretsy that has members only posts. The club has a different name, but for the sake of keeping this fairly PG or PG-13, I’m calling it Club F. Well, people have the hardest time remembering the password for some reason, so Helen Killer has had a few different contests where people can submit photos including the password… cf4l, which stands for Club F 4 Lyfe!! Yes, that’s purposefully spelled wrong. For the current contest, you were supposed to submit photos of the password reminder at famous landmarks near where you live. Being in Knoxville, I, of course, wanted to use the Sun Sphere in a picture…. and what would make it even more hilarious would be having the password on my cast!! So I doodled the password with different colored sharpies, and gave it sort of a flame effect.

Well, I went out after work today to try and get some shots of my cast in front of the Sun Sphere, but it was very overcast and dark, so I couldn’t get a good picture. I decided that I would just photoshop my cast into a picture I already took! I mean, bad photoshops are a big part of Regretsy, so why not! so here’s what I ended up with!!

Some pretty obvious photoshoppery, but I sort of feel like that’s the point! I’ll let you know if HK features my password reminder!

Anna Grace


Day 187(8? days late): Cast Doodles

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I think I’m 8 days behind, but I’m not sure… I’ve gotten a couple more days behind from continuing to unpack and move in, and then I hurt my wrist on Saturday at a party. Well I finally went to the university health clinic today, and after xrays discovered that I had broken my arm!! So, I had to get s cast for it, and I decided that cast needed to be decorated! So I went to my friend, Brian’s house with a bunch of permanent markers and got to doodling! I admit that he did most of the drawing, But I had some creative input!

Theres a lot going on here that I could explain, But I’m on Hydrocodone and super loopy, so I’m going to bed… But I do think the unicorn is my favorite part! :mrgreen:

Anna Grace