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Day 153: THEME CONTEST 1 Cemeteries & Death

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

(1 day late… it wouldn’t fit in the title…)

Over in Facebook world about 3 hours ago, I posted a note on my personal page as a call for help from my friends. I decided to make this theme week! As you probably know, when I make one of my photo montages, I usually have some sort of theme to it. Most of the time I pick a word or phrase and google image search it, like “rainbows” in one of the last Photoshop Fun posts, and use the images in that search to make the montage! Sometimes I vary off of that word a bit and do similar things like “neon” for the rainbow post, but I try and keep a theme of some sort. Well today I wanted to another montage and couldn’t decide on a theme!! So… I asked my friends. I ended up making it a contest where the first 5 responses would be chosen as the theme of the photo montage posts this week! And, as well as the esteemed honor of being featured on my blog, I will be giving a signed print of these creations to each of the winners!

I got a pretty quick response to this contest with each of them getting progressively more and more ridiculous/amazing!! The first winner was my friend Drew and this was his response…

Ummm… okay!! So, instead of taking the morbid, creepy route, I decided to make it funny (not that death is funny… just… you know I make fun of everything…). So! Here it is in all of it’s glory!!! (BTW I think the best part about this contest is the random as hell things that can come up with google…)

The main background image was on one of the first pages… just a straight-forward pretty cemetery pic with praying lady. The little angle kid in the lower left is actually a grave marker… but I thought it was funny and mischievous!! The cube looking thing behind the praying woman is another grave marker…. not sure where it’s from, but I thought it was pretty awesome looking!! The pin-up skully chick came up when I searched “death” and ¬†entitled “Death of Erotica Neopop”… but I thought it was cool, so I added it in. Death himself came rolling into the picture to the right of the lady on a tricycle… yep a red tricycle. So predictable, that Death is… The hand of the dead reaches out of the sky… and grabs poor old Doyle in the head! (Yeah… that came up in “cemeteries”) Below Doyle is a major cause of death: cigarettes, in a 3D rendered grave. I broadened the search a little bit to include “grave” and so the Grave Digger had to make an appearance. And of course, the best thing in this montage (in my opinion), is the Death Star in the upper left corner… totally didn’t even think about that popping up in the “death” search, but I’m glad it did!! BTW I always narrow the search to large images to not have the pixel issues.

So, there you have it! The first contest winning theme in a series of 5! Tomorrow’s theme should be interesting! Hint: it involves a word I had never heard in my life until today…

Tune in tomorrow and the rest of the week for the other winners!

Anna Grace