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Days 190-191(? days late): Arms

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I’m a couple more days behind for many reasons, but I did work on this project for more thanĀ 2 days, this is going to count as 2 posts.

Ive already done one Christina Perri song, but I really love her newest single, Arms, so I decided to cover that one too! Pretty certain I just need to break down and buy her whole album… At any rate, I bought the sheet music for it for super cheap and started putting it into Garage Band! Well, this song is pretty intense in the piano part just because there are so many notes! It seems like, when you are listening to it anyway, a lot of the parts repeat themselves, but that is not the case! Anyways, I spent several hours the other day working on it and then a couple today finishing it and then recording! At any rate, here is the finished product!


Sorry that I missed more days… I will try and get a couple of posts in this weekend!!

Anna Grace


Day 74: Jar of Hearts

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

The song Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri has been stuck in my head for literally months!! I just think it’s soooo beautiful!! And haunting! I think the video is pretty beautiful too, other than the awkward way he sucks out their hearts haha! So anyways, since it’s been in my head so long I decided to record it! I searched for a long time and finally found a full pdf copy of the whole song and parts. So I just put the piano part into garage band (which took forever!!!!!) and the recorded the main part and then the harmony. I wasn’t that familiar with the harmony so it’s sort of iffy at times, and there’s one part in the sheet music (during the bridge) where it just stops mid sentence… so I sounds sort of strange, but oh well!

Jar of Hearts

I think I’ve just succeeded in getting it stuck in my head even worse! Ahhhh oh well… at least it’s an awesome song! :)

Anna Grace