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Create A Day

One creative project every day for a year


Day 89(1 day late): Photoshopped Self-Portraits

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

For yesterday’s post I decided to play around with photoshop! I just took 3 different pictures of myself and edited them. Here’s the original first one.

I took this photo a week or so ago when I was trying to get a good picture of my new glasses. I posted a similar photo on facebook as my profile picture, but I liked this one as well! So, I just took it into photoshop, lowered the saturation a little and cut out my lips (I was wearing my favorite hot pink lipstick, so I thought I’d highlight how bright it was, although in the final pic it’s a little less saturated, believe it or not!). I then unsaturated the background sans lips a lot more where you can just see a hint of the color, and used the water color feature on the background as well as the lips that I had pasted on another layer.

The next picture is another one I took that day.

For this one I cut out my lips again and lowered the saturation, used the glowing edges filter on the background and raised the saturation, and the accented edges filter on my lips.

The final picture is one I took yesterday after I dyed my hair (the first time I’ve done it myself since it’s been red and with a different product), so I could show it to my friend. I fail at taking pictures of myself with my phone, BTW. And I wasn’t wearing any make-up

So for this one, I just used the torn edges filter with the color I wanted selected, then filled in the white. I think it turned out pretty cool!

I heart photoshop!

BTW I should get caught up tomorrow on posts!!

Anna Grace


Day 12(1 day later): Cookie Decorating, bad for RA

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

While I was at my friend Whitney’s apartment Saturday night, she mentioned that she was going to make and decorate some Valentine’s Day cookies for work. I’ve never done real cookie decorating with icing piping bags like that, so I offered to help. She started out with a plain sugar cookie dough and added extra flour to make it Tea Cakes. Whitney, being the frilliest, cutest girl I know, of course had a bunch of heart shaped cookie tins :) . Here they are:

Next, we made colored icing that would harden to coat the top of the cookies after they were baked of course. These were just made of powdered sugar, water and food coloring. The picture below is the accidental heart we made when we were coloring the red icing. How appropriate! Below also is drizzling the icing onto the cookies.

We then made a thicker version of those icings using more powdered sugar and put them in piping bags and got to decorating! Now, keep in mind that I have never used a piping bag before… and that Whitney has been decorating cakes, cookies and things like that her whole life! It also ended up being really hard for me to squeeze with even pressure because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, but now I know! The picture below is all the cookies I made (hahahahaha….)….

Note the second one from the left… haha I was trying to make it a “broken heart”!!

This one was my best I think

This cookie was supposed to be shaped like a heart with an arrow through it, but I thought it looked like a bird… so I made it that! haha it looks so dumb!

And then this picture is all of Whitney’s… hahaha what a difference, right?

She even wrote “Love” on the itty-bitty one that was the size of a quarter!!!

This was my favorite of hers… yes, it’s a paisley pattern… woah.

We then decided that we deserved an award cookie for all of our hard work, so Whitney ate a plain heart (the piping bags were clogging so we didn’t finish), and decided that the “broken heart” one was a worthy sacrifice for me haha!!! Then, I had to take advantage of this photo-op… :D

A parrot flew into my heart and cracked it!!!!!

Needless to say, Whitney and I were in the floor laughing at that one… hahaha.

This was overall a fun experience, but it was a LOT harder than I thought it would be. It also made my hands hurt a ton, so if I ever do this again, I will have to just do a little bit at a time, and hopefully use a frosting that’s not as stiff. At least it all made for a good laugh!

The project actually for today is coming later tonight!

Anna Grace