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Day 250(? days late): Book Cover Doodle

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

I’m in the process of doing some much needed cleaning in my room and apartment in general. Since I broke my wrist a week after moving, a lot of things didn’t get packed away and it’s just gotten really out of hand, so now that I can use my wrist relatively normally, I’m finally trying to get everything together! In the process of this, I came across a bundle of 3 book covers I got at Target for a buck. They are white with black patterns so that you can color them and make them unique. So I decided to decorate one! I chose one with a sort of swirly/bubbly pattern. I was going to just color a few sections at a time in different colors all over with sharpies, but after I started, I realized that all of the swirls were connected! So I ended up just sort of doodling over the bubbles in a swoopy pattern… haha not really sure how to describe it!! But that was with the hot pink sharpie. Then I drew in a few circles with yellow and smaller circles with blue. Here’s the finished product taped on the wall so you can see it all!

Close up so you can see the pattern better.

I’m not really sure how you’re supposed to cover a book with this other than just taping it… I may use it for something else!

Anna Grace


Day 184(5 days late): Random Unpacking Doodle

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I finally found my calendar I use for this 365 project to see what day I’m on, or supposed to be on, and figured out that I’m still 5 days behind as of today’s second post… :( But that’s how it goes with packing and moving…

Speaking of packing and moving, today I was digging through boxes trying to find something to do for the blog, and came across an old sharpie, a red felt-tip pen, and a bottle of white out in one of the little storage cubes I had in my desk. I decided after that to just do a quick doodle using those first things I found! So I started out with the sharpie, which was apparently dying… and I drew some sort of organic swoopy shapes. I then went back with the white-out and highlighted some areas of the swoops, did little dots around the ends, made flowers and sort of sponge painted around the base of the organic sharpie swoops. Then, because you couldn’t really see white out that well, I came in with the red pen and just added a simple line contour to all of the white parts and then smeared in some red around the base. And here’s the finished product! (with and without flash… I had a hard time getting a decent picture of it…)

A very simple post, but I think it’s kind of pretty! I liked the way the red pen looked different on the paper than on spots where there was white out. It didn’t really soak in like it normally would, so it gives it almost a watercolor effect!

Anna Grace


Day 114(2 days late): Owl/Tree Doodle

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

So! After an insane day at work involving crazy costumers, uncomfortable shoes, and a mouse/rat infestation (true story… uggghhhh…), I drove straight to my home town. So, I haven’t had a moment to post until now! This is a fairly simple post. Just me doodling while talking to my mom and her roommate. I drew an owl in a tree with a bunch of leaves flying around.

The owl says “WhoooooOOO!!!” :D

Yep. That’s all I got! Hope to get in a couple of posts tomorrow with a possible collaboration with my best friend?! (haven’t asked her yet, but I think she’ll be game :) )

Anna Grace

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Day 71: Hour of the Doodle

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

For today’s project, I decided to just doodle! I started at 8 as Tyra said “previously on Top Model…” and ended after she finished the “coming up on America’s Next Top Model” section at 9! ANTM is definitely my guilty pleasure :)

So I started by just doodling my name like I do a lot in class when I’m bored (model student, right here!) with a pen. I just kept adding more until it looked right to me. Then I drew some swirly ribbon thingys in the same way, adding more and more curves and swoops. I then went over the letters in a silver metallic paint pen, but there wasn’t enough definition, so I outlined them with a dark brown colored pencil. Next I filled in the ribbon things with red, lime green, and teal colored pencils. I still had awhile before the show was over, so I drew a flower in the upper corner with Prismacolor Markers, but it looked sort of out of place, so I drew some petals scattered all over at different sizes. I finished it off by outlining the petals and the flower in pen, and finished right as Shedding For The Wedding was coming on (so glad the Eco Wedding couple won, BTW!)! Here’s the finished product displayed nicely on top of my colored pencils with and without flash!

Things like this cover many many margins of notebooks! Another favorite thing to doodle is lamps! Maybe I’ll do one for this project someday?

Anna Grace