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Day 318: Fruit iPad Sketches

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the game Draw Something for phones/tablets, but it’s a really fun game sort of like Pictionary where you draw pictures for your friend to guess. It’s really addictive and hilarious and also the inspiration for this post!

I was playing a friend of mine and got the word “fruit.” Before I knew it I became inthralled in the drawing of various fruits with epic shading! She probably guessed the word way before I finished drawing, but I had so much fun that I decided to do some more drawings on my iPad without having to worry about my time in the game. I started by drawing a peach, then ended up, on a whim adding the phrase “She’s such a peach” to it. So I thought, what are some other fruit-related phrases that I could use? So I ended up with 4 drawing/phrase combos! First comes the peach…

Then I drew a slice of a lemon with “When life gives you lemons.” I think this is my least favorite…

Then I drew a couple of cherries with the phrase “Life’s a bowl of cherries.”

Finally I drew a green apple with the phrase “the apple of my eye!”

I think the apple is my favorite! I really loved playing with the layering of different shades on top of each other to get the final image! I think I’ll do some more finger doodling on my iPad :)

Anna Grace


Day 71: Hour of the Doodle

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

For today’s project, I decided to just doodle! I started at 8 as Tyra said “previously on Top Model…” and ended after she finished the “coming up on America’s Next Top Model” section at 9! ANTM is definitely my guilty pleasure :)

So I started by just doodling my name like I do a lot in class when I’m bored (model student, right here!) with a pen. I just kept adding more until it looked right to me. Then I drew some swirly ribbon thingys in the same way, adding more and more curves and swoops. I then went over the letters in a silver metallic paint pen, but there wasn’t enough definition, so I outlined them with a dark brown colored pencil. Next I filled in the ribbon things with red, lime green, and teal colored pencils. I still had awhile before the show was over, so I drew a flower in the upper corner with Prismacolor Markers, but it looked sort of out of place, so I drew some petals scattered all over at different sizes. I finished it off by outlining the petals and the flower in pen, and finished right as Shedding For The Wedding was coming on (so glad the Eco Wedding couple won, BTW!)! Here’s the finished product displayed nicely on top of my colored pencils with and without flash!

Things like this cover many many margins of notebooks! Another favorite thing to doodle is lamps! Maybe I’ll do one for this project someday?

Anna Grace


Day 41: Happy π Day!

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Happy π Day! or Pi… whichever! That’s right! The old 3.14 is celebrated on March 14! So, in honor of that, I drew… PIE!

This first one is supposed to be a slice of Lemon Meringue Pie. I drew it with Prismacolor markers.


Sorry it actually looks more like pencil because the exposure was funky and I had to edit it in photoshop.

The second pie I did was my favorite (maybe second to pecan… maybe), Key Lime Pie! I drew this with Prismacolor Colored Pencils.

By the way, when I was browsing for some reference images, I came across this nifty invention.

It’s an individual pie slice pan! This way, nobody gets duped on the filling! I think it’s an excellent idea!

Aaaaannnnnddddddd…. now I really want some pie… dangit. :???:

Anna Grace