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Day 306: Drift Away

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

So… I lied to you all. I promised more posts the same day as the last post, and failed to do so. And that was over 2 weeks ago!! All I can say is, I’ve been nuts trying to pack for this move, then I got sick, then I moved and didn’t have internet… until today, so here we are! So, I’ll do at least 2 posts tonight, and maybe be done with this project sometime before Christmas… :mrgreen:

At any rate, this creative project is a cover of Drift Away by Dobie Gray, or for you youngins out there, by Uncle Kracker, who did a cover in 2003. One of these versions of this song comes on the radio at work just about every day (we listen to B97.5 most of the time… no repeats throughout the day, but you sure do play exactly the same songs every single day at the same exact time!) and my manager commented that he really loved the song and never realized that Uncle Kracker didn’t originally sing it. This is coming from someone who listens to mostly country, so I try and cut him a little slack… Just kidding, love you, Herbie! Anyways, after he said that, I happened to come across some uke chords for it, so I went with it! This was right at the beginning of my cold, so forgive my frog-like voice!

Drift Away

I recorded this in 2 tracks in order to get the harmonies in the little riff (I’m not talented enough to play both at the same time :( ) and to add the (super awkward) clapping.

At least one more post tonight, I PROMISE!!!

Anna Grace