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Day 130(1 day late):Fabric Design

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

Did you know that there’s a website where you can upload your own pattern and create/order your own personalized fabric? Spoonflower is just the place for that! You just have to make your own pattern using whatever software you have on hand and upload it! You can then order a sample of it for $5 or more for a very reasonable price, especially considering that it’s a custom fabric! So, for today’s project, I made my own fabric!

I started out with a simple black and white Damask Pattern with an easy to manage repeat. Then I took it into photoshop and repeated it 6 across and 6 down so that I would have my adjusted pattern repeat the way it needed to. I wanted to do a sort of modern take on the traditional pattern, so I filled in some of the black patterns in pink, aqua blue or green, alternating in a pattern on the angle. I then gave it a soft purple/gray background and I was done! Here’s the finished product from photoshop:

Fun, right? I made it a pretty large size because I wanted the pattern to be bigger and bolder! So I just uploaded it into Spoonflower and picked just the standard quilting fabric (I don’t need anything fancy!), and went ahead and ordered a “Fat Quarter: (21×18″) for me to try for $11! Here it is on Spoonflower:

I can’t wait for this to get here!! I might make a pillow or something out of it, but I’ll definitely be creating something with it!

Anna Grace