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Day 48: Tissue Paper Flowers

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Today I was sitting on my couch contemplating what to do for today’s creative project, when I kept glancing at my extremely empty looking vase from day 8. I finally decided that I should make some flowers out of something to fill it. And it just so happened that my massive box/overflowing pile of Bags And Bows tissue paper was sitting right next to it… Jackpot! So there you go. I was going to do a step by step guide to how I made these, but there are hundreds of tutorials online for them already, so I’ll just show all the pictures (a little smaller than normal because there are a lot of them!). Just google “tissue paper flowers” and click any of the links for the how-to.

Here’s the tissue for the first flower.

Instead of trying really hard to find colors that were similar, I found similar shades in patterns. I knew they weren’t going to look real, so I might as well have some fun pattern in there!

tissue pictured: Blue Paisley Sparkle(discontinued), Damask Brown Aqua, Gemstone White Diamond, Peacock Blue, Economy Light Blue

Accordion folding tissue

This is the finished bloom after cinching it with wire, trimming it down a little (I just tore the edges to add to the texture rather than cutting), and pulling apart the layers of tissue.

Close up

I then wanted to create stems for the flowers, but didn’t have any pipe cleaners like the tutorials suggested, so I tore up some strips of different green tissue papers……

AloeCeleryApple Green Houndstooth, Green Paisley (discontinued)

… and wrapped them around the wire.

Finished! 4 more to go…

Purple tissues

Vines and ButterfliesPlum, Lavender, Chickadee Floral, Mist

Finished purple flower!

Red/Pink tissues

Red Houndstooth (discontinued), Waxed Cerise, Gemstone Ruby Red, Economy Pink, Damask Pompeian Red

Red/Pink flower finished!

Yellow tissues

Buttercup, Yellow Dot (discontinued), Economy Yellow, Ivory

Yellow flower done!

Orange tissues

Carmen PlaidOrange, Moroccan Sparkle (discontinued), Goldenrod, Metallic Dots

Orange flower finished! DONE!

Finally! All the flowers in the vase!

Anna Grace