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Day 294: Rumor Has It/ Someone Like You

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

The last song I purchases sheet music for a couple weeks ago is a mash-up of Adele’s Rumor Has It and Someone Like You that was on Glee! Now, I used to be a pretty avid Glee watcher, but haven’t really gotten into the latest season. Regardless of that, when I found this arrangement, I KNEW I had to do it!

It is arranged for two sopranos, an alto, and a couple solo parts with piano backing. So I started by writing out the piano parts, then wrote out all the other parts in GB. I then recorded all the parts and was done! Some of the transitions are a tad awkward, but considering how quickly I did it, I’m pretty happy with it!

Rumor Has It/Someone Like You

Keep in mind that I recorded this last night at about 3 am because I couldn’t sleep… haha my insomnia gets the best of me! But it worked out ok I think!

Anna Grace

I recently re-watched the first season of Glee, and since then I have wanted to try my hand at their version of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing! I loved how they took the piano part and broke it up to “dah-dahs” in the background harmonies… that’s true acapella Glee Club fashion right there!! (In fact, I wish they did more acapella stuff on the show… maybe next season??) At any rate, I searched forever and finally found the entire thing written out for free!! So, I wrote out each part in Garage Band, then recorded each part. It included a piano accompaniment, but I wanted to see how it did with just the vocals (and I had spent entirely too long on it already!). I can’t sing low enough to do the lowest background part (which makes me wonder… who sang it on the show?? Surely Kurt can’t sing that low! And Artie was playing guitar in the clip, so he couldn’t sing it… ah tv magic! I guess they don’t have to show all the singers…), so I had to record it up an octave and then take it down in Garage Band, so it has that sort of weird robot effect… but oh well! I think all things considered, it turned out pretty sweet!

Don’t Stop Believing (Glee)

FYI It’s really hard to sing dah dah dah that much(3 parts… multiple takes!!)! My mouth feels funky after that…

Also, if you don’t mind, I’d like to rant for just a sec…. if you don’t want to read it, just skip the next paragraph.

I was going to post a link to the original song by Journey, but every video I found had the most horrible comments on them about how awful Glee is and how it “ruined” this and many other songs… There is no need for that crap! If you don’t like Glee, don’t watch it!! I don’t think Glee has ruined any of the songs they’ve used. First of all, if you think that a song can be ruined by just a different interpretation of it, then maybe it wasn’t a good enough or strong enough song to begin with! Secondly, all the singers on Glee are amazing!!! Their talent outweighs many of the artists who’s songs they sing!! No, I’m not saying Glee is better than Journey… don’t get your panties in a wad! I’m just saying, if you appreciate good music, and classic music, you should at least respect Glee a little. I mean, I even sometimes wonder, why the heck did they do that that way, but I still respect it as a different take of that song. I also understand that a lot of people don’t like Glee because of how unrealistic it can be sometimes, particularly musically. Part of me definitely agrees! Mostly the music snob part of me. But come one people, it’s purely for entertainment!!! It doesn’t matter if they couldn’t sing like that in a certain situation or sometimes it’s super cheesy, it’s TV and it’s supposed to be fun and exciting! Also, I think that Glee brings up a lot of issues of high school that many other shows tend to just gloss over, such as sex, teen pregnancy, alcohol, poverty, bullying, sexuality, identity… and I personally think it’s important for teenagers to know about these things. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, it doesn’t matter if you like the show or the music, there’s no need to mouth off about it on public domains… respect it and just acknowledge it as a different take, purely for entertainment value, and move on with your life. All that negative energy put into spouting all over the internet  surely can’t be good for you…

Whew! I feel better :)

I’m gonna try and get caught up tomorrow!!

Anna Grace