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Day 78(1 day late): Beatles Karaoke

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Okay, this is the last Myspace Karaoke post, I promise! … At least for awhile anyways!

For yesterday’s post, I decided to pay tribute to The Beatles who, as you already well know, I love! Myspace Karaoke actually has a pretty large selection of Beatles songs, so I figured why not do a few of them?

So the first song is Lovely Rita! I sort of had to do this because my car is named Rita after this song :D (My previous car was Roxanne after the Police song :) ). I recorded this one in the Myspace Recorder so you have to click the link to get it. So, here’s my tribute to my Lovely Rita, even if she has a lot of issues and is gas guzzling… I still love her! (Don’t mind the awkward breathing part at the end… I have no rhythm with my inhale and exhale, apparently)

Lovely Rita!!

Next, I did If I Fell. That clip is actually from the movie Across The Universe, but I love this version of it! Anyways, every time I recorded this online, the playback was very delayed to the music track, so I ended up recording my voice alone in Garage Band, and then recording the instrumental track straight off the computer. I added some effects to make it stand out some more, and I feel like this worked better than the 100 Years recording from day 76. Sorry about the octave change… it was too low to sing where written throughout and too high to sing up an octave throughout.

If I Fell

The last song is I Am The Walrus! That video is totally awesome and trippy, but this one from Across the Universe is even more so (literally… in the movie they’re literally tripping…  yay bright colors!! :neutral: ), and Bono is a God, of course! I recorded this one the same as If I Fell. It’s a little rough, and I botched some of the lyrics, but I love this song! I was trying to emote… don’t know how well it worked…

I Am The Walrus

So! The Myspace Karaoke thing is good for a quick music post, when it works right and doesn’t lag, but it’s also fun for doing karaoke with friends!

Today’s post will be done tomorrow, as well as the one that’s supposed to be for tomorrow! Catching up, slowly but surely!

Anna Grace