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Day 224(16 days late): Lucky DUET WITH MASON!!

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

For this post, I collaborated once again with my friend, Mason! If you remember, way back for day 100, we did Come On Get Higher as a duet! Since then, we’ve been wanting to do something together again, but just couldn’t get together to do that until now! Today we recorded Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s Lucky!

We actually have been practicing this for quite awhile with the sheet music I found and wrote out the parts to in garage band, but today was the first time we were able to do it together! So we started by recording both parts at the same time while listening to the song, then we recorded Mason playing the guitar and me playing ukulele! The ukulele added a nice element of fun, and I was excited to try playing it for the first time since I got my cast off! (I’m wearing a brace now for at least the next 6 weeks, but it’s much less cumbersome than the cast!) So, here’s our recording!


We had sooooo much fun doing this! We talked about a bunch of other songs we could do, possibly even some more elaborate with drum parts and everything!! And another friend of ours is interested in doing some stuff, so look out for some more great collaboration in the future!!

Anna Grace


Day 127: I’m Yours

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

Yes… it’s another ukulele song. Sorry!! But it’s a song that actually is perfect for ukulele! I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. There were several different variations of tabs for this, but I only found one in an easy key that had the tabs with all the words. Unfortunately, the key is just a tad low for me, so after doing several takes, I was sort of losing my voice. Also, the middle part with the “do do dos” was also not quite right in the tabs I found, and I recorded the uke first (the syncopation was ridiculous for me to try and sing and play at the same time!!), so I just sort of scatted that part and made it up. I had a really hard time getting everything in the right rhythm with vocals on the beat and uke off the beat, so there’s a couple of times where it’s off (particularly at the end) but I was ready to be done with it!! So, I just left it as is. :)

I’m Yours

Sorry for the weird feedback… not really sure what that is or how to get rid of it… It appeared randomly after I sent it to iTunes…

I love Jason Mraz and I do believe one of his other songs will be making an appearance! :mrgreen:

Anna Grace