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Day 288: RHCP Beaded Bracelets

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I decided to give the whole beaded craft on a loom another shot. This time, I made 2 bracelets! On the 10th, I’m going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers play in Georgia!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!! This is the first time they’ve done a US tour in almost 5 years, so when I heard about the tour, I immediately asked my mom for a ticket for Christmas, and she kindly obliged! They are probably my all-time favorite band… I’ve even seriously contemplated getting a tattoo based around their Californication album! At any rate, I decided to make myself a bracelet to wear to the concert!

This time I made my pattern in on the computer, and here it is.

The red sort of sun looking thing is supposed to be their logo, an asterisk. Here’s some shots of the progress.

I ended up having to make this a lot longer than I expected, so I ended up with a lot of white space, but that’s alright! After I finished, I wove the ends together to make it a solid loop. I made it with stretchy string so I can get it on and off pretty easily.

Somewhat hard to read, but I still like it and will wear it proudly next Tuesday! After I finished, I texted a picture to my friend, Brian, who is going to the concert with me, asking if he wanted one. He replied as predicted with, “Hell yes!” :D So, I made him one as well! I was running low on the white beads, so I replaced them with lime green. I also knew his wrist is a lot bigger than mine, so I put an asterisk between each letter. It’s not quite done… still have to weave the ends together, but here it is anyways!

I think it turned out pretty awesome, and Brian loves it! If I have time and enough beads, I might make some for the other two guys going with us! SO RIDICULOUSLY PUMPED!!! EEEEEEE!!!

Anna Grace


Day 287: Beaded Keychain

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Sometimes when I’m at Walmart, Target, or Hobby Lobby I’ll head over to the kids craft section and see if anything catches my eye that looks like fun… even better if it’s on sale! This creative project is a perfect example of that!

It’s a loom that you use to make beaded jewelry! While all the beads are colored a bit too bright for my slightly more adult taste, I decided a fun, bright keychain might be nice! So I created a pattern, as you can see below.

I used the pink, aqua and lime green beads to spell out my initials with a border surrounding. I meant to take pictures of the process, but I forgot, so here is the final result!

Pretty neat I think! Although, I have no clue how an 8 year old do it! It was hard work! I think I will attempt another one!

Anna Grace


Day 265: Flower Hair Clips

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When I was at Hobby Lobby the other day, I discovered some plain metal clips to be used to make hair accessories! They happened to be on sale, so I got them along with three flowers that could be added to them!

This ¬†might not be a super creative project, but it did take some effort to stick the flowers to the pins! I couldn’t find my extra hot glue sticks, which is what I originally intended to use, so I used Gluefast Duo dots instead! We sold these things at Bags and Bows to use to hold stuff in gift baskets (at a lower stickiness level, though), but I bought them to adhere samples to project boards for studio! They worked great for studio, so I thought I’d give them a shot for these hair clips. And they worked! There was still some stickiness around the clip and in the little slot, so I used white tissue paper to cover those spots so they didn’t get stuck in my hair!

So! Here are the completed hair clips in my newly dyed hair! (It turned out super bright red at first so I was able to dull it some with a darker color, but the pics really don’t do the brightness justice… but I love it!)

I can’t decide which one is my favorite… I love them all! You better believe I’ll be wearing one to work tomorrow! And I’ve got a ton more clips, so I think I’ll be making some more!

Anna Grace


Day 263: Celtic Knot Bracelet

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As many of you may already know, for Christmas I typically make my gifts instead of buying something to try and save a little money. I think people always look forward to seeing what I make and it makes it more interesting and heartfelt in my opinion! I’ll probably have to grow up eventually and buy real gifts, but I’ll milk this for as long as I can! :mrgreen:

Anyways, one of the gifts I made this year was a celtic knot bracelet! My friend Lauren messaged me on Facebook about this bracelet she found on Pinterest and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any instructions on how to make it! So I just sort of made it up myself! After several failed attempts, I realized I needed something to hold the loops in place because I was losing my spot really easily… so tape on an old book did the trick! I bought the string from this little store in Boone called The Bead Box and I also got some cool beads to tie the ends with! The pictures below are of my first finished product… I hadn’t quite figured out how to do the ends at that point, so it’s a work in progress. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics of the second one I made, but it worked a little better!

Not exactly like the image I was going off of, but I think it turned out pretty well considering I didn’t have any instructions! Both friends who received these loved them! I had planned on making more, but they used so much string it would have cost too much to make them for everyone! I’ll show you the other gifts I made in the next post.

Anna Grace


Day 65 (1 day late): Faux Resin Pendants

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For yesterdays project, I decided to take another crack at some faux resin jewelry, this time using a mold. So for the mold, I just used a mini bottle of perfume to get the shape I wanted.

I think I made it a little too deep, because it was hard to get the hot glue in all the crevices. Anyways, I just did the clear hot glue and bunched up basket fill, and did two tries. I then took them out of the mold (the coldness of it made one side solidify pretty quickly) and put them on those boil bags like the other day and ironed to smooth them out more.

Since these were a bit thicker than the earrings, it left gaps between the sides where they had been ironed, so once they were cool and trimmed down a bit, I just did a bead of of hot glue all the way around. Here’s the finished product

I think these came out slightly more uniform in shape because of the mold, and I didn’t have to trim as much off. I will probably put these on some plain chain necklaces I have.

BTW I’ve worn some of those earrings I made twice now and gotten several complements!

Anna Grace

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Day 63: Faux Resin Earrings

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So, as can happen from time to time, today’s project didn’t go entirely as planned, but I’m fairly pleased with the results, all things considered.

I was actually inspired by this woman who came into the store on Saturday. Somehow we got on the subject of crafting and painting and what-not, and of course I mentioned my blog! (If you’re reading this, thank you for the inspiration! I’m sorry I don’t remember your name, but please comment and let me know your secrets!) She was telling me about some fun stuff she had done and about a class in glass and resin jewelry making she had taken recently. She said she really enjoyed it, but couldn’t afford all the supplies and everything needed to do it (trust me… it’s expensive to do resin jewelry. I’ve looked into it.), so she experimented until she came up with a good substitute… hot glue! When she was telling me about this she showed me her earrings, which looked to me like beautiful glass that she had paid a lot for! She told me that when you use the clearest hot glue sticks you can get, it works almost like a resin! She also told me that little clippings of metallic basket fill, like what you put in easter baskets, can look like the metals often used in resin jewelry. Our talk was cut short just as she was saying something about using an iron to flatten it because another costumer walked in and I had to help him, but I was definitely inspired!

So today, I went to Hobby Lobby after work and bought several different shades of basket fill, some extra clear glue sticks, and a jewelry making kit (posts, earring hooks, clasps, etc.). I also found some glittery colored glue sticks that I thought might give an interesting look. When I got home, I quickly set to work. My original plan was to just make one pair of earrings so that I could make more at a later date for this 365 project, but I wasn’t extremely happy with them and wanted to experiment more, so I ended up making 3 pairs!

The first pair, I tried to draw a basic teardrop shape with a clear glitter hot glue stick, but found it really hard to control (and realized pretty quickly that the glitter sticks just didn’t get quite hot enough…. and by the way I did all this on some leftover boil bags from making candles this year for christmas thinking that they should be able to stand the heat, which they did… for the most part). I then stuck in straight pins with a loop and some shreds of blue and pink fill before they dried. I then covered all of this with a layer of clear hot glue to sort of seal it and folded the boil bag over top of it and lightly smooshed it down. I started another pair while this cooled, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Here they are with earring hooks added and after trying to trim them up with scissors… which was very hard to do evenly!

I realized 2 things with this first trial. First of all, I think that the woman I talked to might have used a sheet of some kind of metallic paper or something to back it, because hers were much more opaque or the basket fill was more opaque than mine. It’s probably the latter. I also realized that I think she may have used some mold of some kind to keep it’s shape. The glue gun was really hard to work with and then the hardened glue was hard to cut because it kept slipping, so I think a mold would be very helpful! Here they are on… sorry my hair is crazy because it was in a ponytail all day…

Not exactly what I was going for, but I think they’re sort of funky. The next pair I did an outline of the clear sparkle and filled it in with purple sparkle and then finished them off like the other pair except that I didn’t fold the bag over top and press them down, but instead let them cool most of the way, then folded the bag over and pressed them with a hot iron for a few seconds (with newspaper between because I was worried about melting the plastic. I think the ironing effect made it a little smoother. Here are those off and on.

The last pair I just used the clear hot glue as a base because I realized the glittery made it more bumpy with air bubbles. Instead of sticking snips of the basket fill in, I took whole strings of the blue fill and wadded them up, which ended up giving it a more solid color. Here’s pair 3 on and off.

My version of these definitely don’t look as pretty as the pair that nice woman showed me, but I kind of like them! They look sort of like geodes to me (particularly the purple, which I think are my favorite :D ) and I think I will probably wear them on occasion! I also got some stuff at Hobby Lobby today to make molds for a later project I’m planning this month, so if I have any leftover, I’ll experiment with this craft again using a mold!

Anna Grace

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