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One creative project every day for a year


Day 287: Beaded Keychain

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Sometimes when I’m at Walmart, Target, or Hobby Lobby I’ll head over to the kids craft section and see if anything catches my eye that looks like fun… even better if it’s on sale! This creative project is a perfect example of that!

It’s a loom that you use to make beaded jewelry! While all the beads are colored a bit too bright for my slightly more adult taste, I decided a fun, bright keychain might be nice! So I created a pattern, as you can see below.

I used the pink, aqua and lime green beads to spell out my initials with a border surrounding. I meant to take pictures of the process, but I forgot, so here is the final result!

Pretty neat I think! Although, I have no clue how an 8 year old do it! It was hard work! I think I will attempt another one!

Anna Grace