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Day 154: THEME CONTEST 2 Locupletative

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

(1 day late)

Continuing in the Theme Contest, today’s post is themed around this response from my friend Keri.

So… a word I’ve never heard of… FANTASTIC!! So rather than trying to wrap my brain around the definition, I just typed the word “locupletative” into google image search, and I was ridiculously surprised at the level of random that it spurted out… So I’m just gonna leave this image here…

Yeah, I have no idea. That’s just all the stuff that came up. I particularly liked the images that had the caption “cult robes” like the one in the bottom right corner… Soooo random! I’m not sure what any of these pictures have to do with “tending to enrich” but I think the finished product is pretty funny!

Thanks Keri, for participating!

Everyone stayed tune for the third part of this Theme Contest later tonight!! I think it might actually be a pretty one! :mrgreen:

Anna Grace