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Create A Day

One creative project every day for a year

So this is just a short easy post to try and at least get something in, even though I’m working and packing like mad!

One of my favorite Beatles songs is Across The Universe, mostly because the lyrics are just so awesome!! Everything is just so eloquently put, so I decided to just type out the lyrics and make a digital art piece surrounding/behind them, making the lyrics themselves the focus. I realized the other day that I usually always like songs purely for their musical value, which is not necessarily a bad thing! But, I oftentimes don’t even notice the lyrics because I’m so focused on the music! So, I’ve been looking more deeply into lyrics of songs to try and understand them and like them for their poetic genius, as well as the killer music! That’s the main reason I wanted to do this project. I mean, who else comes up with phrases like, “Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letterbox?” Pretty amazing…

At any rate, after finding a suitable font for the title and then for the lyrics that you could still easily read, I found an image of rain on a window that I used as the background. I adjusted the hue/saturation and brightness/contrast a bit then used the watercolor filter to give it a bit of texture and hide some pixelation that occurred. I then found a sort of organic scroll image (it took a ridiculous amount of time to find one I actually liked! I thought about drawing something myself, but my scanner isn’t working :cry: ) and made it two different colors. I put it in the corner and adjusted the opacity a bit so you could still see the image behind.  I made the font a contrasting purple color to the green scrolls and I was done! Easy enough, but I think it came out pretty spiffy!

So there you have it! Not much more to say about this… so… bye?

Man am I awkward… :cool:

Anna Grace