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Day 307: Frozen

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

As you all should know by now, I love me some Madonna! I’ve covered several of her songs already, but I can never get enough of her, so here’s one more! This song is my second favorite off of her Ray of Light album (other than the title track), Frozen! I always loved this video! I thought it was really cool the way she danced, so I tried to dance like that and I really wanted henna tattoos!! haha

I found the chords/lyrics in that same 98-99 Pop Hits piano book that a few other covers have come from, but I just adapted them for ukulele! In this extremely stripped down version, I recorded 2 tracks. The first one is the uke chords and melody, and the second is the harmony and the little diddy on ukulele at the end!


This is the first recording I’ve done in the new place and it’s interesting how different the acoustics are here! More echoing I think. I was also standing in the corner with my computer and music propped up on the walls, so it probably echoed even more! If I could just get rid of the buzzing from my laptop, we’d be golden! Doing this really makes me want that album again! I might have to go to McKay tomorrow…

Anna Grace


Day 247(16 days late): Vogue (1990)

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

I was trying really, really hard to not repeat artists in this little top 100 countdown of my musical past, but when I realized that the number 1 song in 1990 was Madonna’s Vogue, I had to do it! As we all know by now, I love love love Madonna! The way she has reinvented herself over the years so many times is just amazing, but her vogue era is probably one of my favorites! Anyone who knows me well and has gone out to the local bar, Hanna’s, knows that when this song comes on, I am allllllll over it! Singing every word, even in the sort of rap part! It’s just so fabulous!! It’s also a favorite one to car dance too! (I’m talking to you, Jen!!)

At any rate, I just sang this a cappella with the main melody and then added the harmony. Love this song!!!

Vogue (1990)

I’m so happy  I did this song! It has made today/tonight soooo much better!! :mrgreen: And what a great way to round out the 90s!

Anna Grace


Day 239(15 days late): Beautiful Stranger (1999)

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Ive gotten a few more days behind because of a boatload of homework and an exam… I will be out of town this weekend, but I hope to still get a few posts in!

For the top 100 song choice from 2009, I chose Beautiful Stranger by Madonna. This is probably one of my all time favorite Madonna songs, and I love Austin Powers so much!!! As usual, I sang this a cappella.

Beautiful Stranger (1999)

One more post coming up in a bit!

Anna Grace

I recorded this song forever ago, but couldn’t get it to save correctly, so I never posted it. Yesterday I figured out a different way of saving it and so I’m posting it now! It is Madonna’s This Used to Be My Playground!

Anyways, I recorded this while listening to the song on headphones. I then recorded the harmony the same way, but I absent-mindedly whistled parts of it as a was recording! I ended up liking the way it sounded, so I kept it! :mrgreen:

This Used To Be My Playground

I particularly love this song because it is one of the many songs that a friend and I rock out to. :) So glad I finally get to post it!

Anna Grace


Day 69: The Power of Good-Bye

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I decided that this project needed some music, because I haven’t had any in awhile! So I pulled out the trusty Smash Pop Hits of 1998-1999 book again and found a piece that was a decent key for recorder. I came across Madonna’s The Power of Good-Bye! I love that music video and think it’s so beautiful (although the chess playing reminds me of that scene in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, hahaha)! You know I love me some Madonna, so I was immediately like PERFECT!

I was planning on just doing recorder and voice, but the piano part was waaaaayyy too fast for my arthritic little fingers! And it was really high and shrill sounding on soprano recorder, so I transposed it for alto. After I wrote out the piano part and recorded the recorder, I decided that I needed to record the words, just because I love this song! So it might have not been necessary, and it made it take a bit longer, but I like the way it turned out!

The Power of Good-Bye

:D Love Madonna… and Garage Band :D

Anna Grace


Day 9: Ray of Light

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Today I continued my 90′s/playing with garage band fun by doing a rendition of Madonna’s Ray of Light. (Love that video!!!) This is probably one of my ultimate top 5 90′s songs, if not my favorite! I have very fond memories of my sister and I playing this music video on surround sound (which was actually a pretty rare thing in our little town at the time…) and blasting it as loud as possible. We would bounce around the living room for hours, always slowing down and trying to do the same slow sway Madonna does in the softer part! Haha!! We waited through hours of music videos to tape that one!

I got the sheet music to Ray of Light from that same 1998-1999 Hits book from day 7. This piano part was way more simple than Cruel Summer, so I had time to add vocals! :) I’m not the best singer ever, and the rhythms were screwy in the piano part, so some of it’s not quite right. And I think I sound like a 12 year old… but oh well! I like the effects I added to it!

Ray of Light

This was soooo much fun! And as my mom said, isn’t that the point of this project? Most definitely.

Hope you’re having as much fun as I am!

Anna Grace