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Today I got a chance to record the song I had written out yesterday. Like I said, I just adjusted the volume of each of the parts so that the one I was recording was loudest and easier to follow. Here’s the finished product!

Mama Who Bore Me – Reprise

I think it turned out really well! It’s pretty short, but I think it’s one of my favorite acapella, multi-part songs I’ve done!

Anna Grace

Like I said the other day, I want to eventually cover all of the songs from the musical Spring Awakening, so today I started on another song, Mama Who Bore Me – Reprise. You may remember that I already did a song called Mama Who Bore Me, along with another song acapella a couple of days ago, but this is the song that goes between those two. This is where all the girl singers come center stage to join Wendla in singing about her lack of knowledge that I talked about last time, and is also the first taste of the rock and roll style and edginess that are throughout the musical.

I decided that I wanted to record all of the parts to this acapella. At first I tried just looking at the music while singing with the track, but I had a hard time making out the individual parts, so I had to write them out in Garage Band individually. Well, it took quite a while to get the parts all written out, so I didn’t have time to actually record them today. I thought I’d go ahead and present what I have to you so you can get a glimpse into my process and how much goes into some of these pieces I do! Here’s just the garage band midi piano with all 5 tracks at equal volume.

Mama Who Bore Me – Reprise (Practice Backing)

When I record all the parts tomorrow, I will take it one track at a time and reduce the volume of the other tracks so the one I need stands out! It’s sort of a long process, but I think it’s worth it to make sure I hit all the right notes! I look forward to recording this tomorrow!

Anna Grace