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Day 200!!!!!!(11 days late): Party In The U.S.A.

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I am soooo late on this day, but I am officially 200 projects into this 365 project venture!! Like I said before, I will try and catch up ASAP and I still plan on finishing this Feb. 2, 2012!!

At any rate, to celebrate, we are going to Party!!! … In The U.S.A.!! We all know that Miley Cyrus song and know that while we may find her and her multiple personality disorder extremely annoying, no one can say that this song isn’t extremely catchy and fun! I heard this song in the car today and knew that I had to do it, ’causeĀ I’mĀ celebrating!!! I started by recording the melody while listening to it on headphones, then I recorded 2 separate guitar parts, which I repeated all the way through the song. I topped all of this off with a doubled chorus part and a bit of harmony! I added little effects to make it beachy and poppy, and I was done! Forgive the slight stumbling on the verse words…

Party In The U.S.A.

So there you have it! It doesn’t seem like I should be 200 days into this project yet, but really I should be even farther ahead! Thanks for bearing with me through the spottiness during moving, school starting, and breaking my wrist! And while I won’t promise that I won’t miss any more days, I will try my hardest not to get this far behind again and catch up ASAP!

A side note… these past several posts have been somewhat short because some of the keys on my computer arent working, so I am having to copy and paste them…. so bear with me! I hope to get it fixed this weekend!

Anna Grace