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Day 337: Lake Pictures

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

For my birthday weekend (which was over a month ago at this point… oops), the Georgia part of my family and I went to a friend’s lake house! Well… we call it a house, but it was more like a mansion!! I’m telling you, that place was huge! At any rate, it and the views were gorgeous, so I took a ton of photos. I immediately instagramed some of them and then got around to editing a few more today in Photoshop. This post is pretty photo heavy because I had a hard time narrowing it down, so I’ll keep the descriptions short!

This first photo is of the main house looking from the direction of the lake.

This photo is of the small A-Frame guest house.

And here’s my cousin Clarissa and aunt Kitti walking with second cousin Wells in front of the guest house!

And Wellsie on the small dock, which she kept calling a boat!

This was the view from the small dock to the main house and dock.

Here’s part of my family swinging on the swing outside of the guest house.

A closer look of the main house…

They had this sign right by the door… I thought it was appropriate :P

Here’s one of my other second cousins, Charleston or Charlie! Isn’t she adorable??

They had this amazing stone fireplace where the stone went all the way to the ceiling in this double-height living room! It was nice and cozy to be around!

For my birthday my aunt made one of my favorite desserts, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake! It was soooooo good!!

So! Overall it was an amazing, restful weekend! Probably one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to go back!

Anna Grace


Day 332: Typography

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

Over the past few months I’ve seen a lot of images on instagram that had text added to them. I thought they looked really neat, so I did a bit of research and found that most of them were made with an app called Over. So I downloaded it and played around with it!

This first one is an instagram picture that I took awhile back as I was relaxing in the tub. Something I forget to do often is to take a moment for myself during my busy schedule, so taking a nice long bath is the perfect way to do that! Here’s two variations of this text because I couldn’t decide which I liked better.

Which do you like better? This next image was taken of 2 of my cousins carrying my aunt who has cerebral palsy into the ocean! I love this picture of them! When I got back to Atlanta after Christmas I found a quote from Maya Angelou that perfectly describes how I feel about my family. Since I found that quote, I’ve been trying to figure out a creative way to use it… so why not on this picture?

Then I decided to use the same quote and make it a bit more fancy.  This is the original photo taken by my amazing cousin Callie (Check out her photography! of her two precious girls! I thought this photo definitely supported the quote.

I then took this photo into Adobe Photoshop Express and messed around with the saturation, hue, etc. until I got it a little antique looking. I decided to play around with different fonts to make it more interesting!

I LOVE how this turned out! It’s now my desktop pattern, and I think I will print it out to put in this awesome frame I got for Christmas! I hope Callie doesn’t think I butchered her photo… Sorry Callie! But I’m really happy with it!

At least one more post coming up tonight or tomorrow!

Anna Grace


Day 319: November Desktop Wallpaper

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

Yet again, I have fallen behind on these posts. I know I say this every time, but my life is actually insane right now. Like, more busy than ever before, so you’ll have to bear with me, but I promise that this blog will be done by my birthday! At any rate, since it’s now November and I missed a couple of months, I decided to do a desktop/wallpaper pattern!

As always, I used the latest collection of Benjamin Moore colors chosen by Pottery Barn for every single color in this. A side note: I learned last night that the new CEO of Ben Moore decided to cut ties with Pottery Barn in order to finance better advertising, so while Pottery Barn will still recommend BM colors, they’re no longer officially affiliated. At any rate, I decided since all of November has us hungrily awaiting the end of the month’s Thanksgiving feast, I would use a turkey theme for this desktop. So I found a simple clip-art of a turkey and changed the colors, then changed the colors of everything else in the background. I chose to use American Typewriter as the font for “November” because, after all, Thanksgiving is an American holiday! I also added a little fall leaf to the calendar to mark when Thanksgiving day is, because I don’t know about you, but I always forget if it’s the third week of November, or what! Here’s the finished product:

As always, feel free to click on the above image to see it bigger and use it for your own computer! Here it is looking all snazzy on my desktop!

I think it turned out pretty good! I’m not sure if I’ll get turkey this Thanksgiving, but this sure makes me want some!

So, I thought I would just update you all on what’s going on in my life right now and ask you for your thoughts, prayers, positive energies, vibes or whatever you can give me! My hours at the paint store have been cut down a lot, to the point where I am forced to find a new job ASAP! I think of it as a good thing, because I really need to find something that’s better for me, health-wise, and that uses my degree more! But, I’m looking really hard trying to find something, so I’ve been traveling all over the place interviewing. I’m hoping to  have figured this all out by the end of next week, so please pray for a fast response from those I’ve interviewed with!! On top of all that, I’ve also got to figure out HOW I’ll get moved to wherever, what to do about my apartment, and until I find a job, how I’m going to pay for everything! Things are so crazy right now, but I have faith that it will all work out! So thanks to all of you… friends, family, and those who follow that I don’t even know… for being there for me!

Anna Grace


Day 309: August Desktop Wallpaper

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

Well, I skipped the month of July as far as desktop patterns go, but it’s only the first of August and I’m already posting one for this month! Yay progress!

As per usual, I created this desktop calender around Benjamin Moore’s Spring/Summer color collection from Pottery Barn! I decided that this month’s theme needed to be the beach, because although some public schools started classes today, it’s still summer! That and if I could afford it and could take the time off, I would TOTALLY be at the beach right now. Who wants to make that a reality, hmmm?? :mrgreen: Anyway, I found a little clip art of a sandcastle that I though was cute and changed all the colors to those in the Spring/Summer Collection! This wallpaper may be a bit cheesy in comparison to some others I’ve done, but I think the color change helped tone it down a bit. Here’s the original clip art file just so you can get an idea of how many colors I had to change!

So then I just changed the background, stripe, and calendar colors and chose a different font and I was done! Here’s the final product:

And on my desktop…

See? Much more muted and way less garish. As always, click the top image above to get the full size version and feel free to download it and use it on your computer! Enjoy!!

Anna Grace


Day 302: Photoshopped Self-Portraits 4

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

I was bored the other day and didn’t have my computer, so I decided to use the Photoshop Express app for iPad and do some quick edits to a couple of pictures!

I started with this picture from the St. Patrick’s Day party I went to all decked out in green and orange.

Then I just amped up the contrast a bit.

And then I used the sketching technique (or the cutout? Can’t remember…) with the sort of yellowed effect (sorry my ipad doesn’t have enough charge at the moment to look and see what everything is called.).

Then I played with this picture of me with zombie make-up that my friend did.

I just made the colors a little more intense and made the corners fuzzy for added nostalgia! :mrgreen:

The last picture I edited is the most recent picture of me. Lately I’ve been playing around with the natural curl/wave texture that my hair has, so this picture was to show that. Here’s the original.

I played with the contrast and did the cutout tool, then created this image with the 4 different colors.

I then took the original image and used the rainbow effect on it.

Then I played with the hue and gave it a fun border!

So that’s what I did on my iPad! Later that day when I was browsing the web, I found this site where you can make yourself into a Mad Men character!! Since I love that show so, so much, I decided to make a portrait of myself meeting Don Draper for a cocktail after work!!

I loved all the different options they had available for body shape, clothes, accessories, etc! I think it looks so much like me, don’t you?

Anna Grace


Day 299: June Desktop Wallpaper

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

We may already be a week into the month of June, but I decided it to make a desktop wallpaper anyways! As per usual, I used the Benjamin Moore Pottery Barn colors from the Spring/Summer collection! Since a lot of my friends are getting married this month, I made this calendar wedding themed!

I found the clip art cake online, so I just took it into photoshop and changed the colors a bit, then I added the couple to the top! I really love the way it turned out, and I can see myself using these colors and pattens in my own wedding cake, someday! As always, click on the image above to see it bigger and save it as your desktop wallpaper! Here it is on my computer!

300th post coming up in a bit!! Get EXCITED!

Anna Grace


Day 289: April Desktop Wallpaper

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

I hadn’t made a desktop calender in awhile, but I was inspired to the other day when we put out the new Spring/Summer Pottery Barn colors at Benjamin Moore! So, using all of those colors, I made this desktop pattern/wallpaper! I gave it an “April Showers” theme with the rain cloud. I’m thinking I’ll do May flowers next month!

I was able to find a .png file through google of a rain cloud I liked, so I pulled that in photoshop, changed the colors to the Pottery Barn ones, and then designed the rest around that! Every color in this is one of the Ben Moore/Pottery Barn colors, even the lines in the calendar! If you want to know which colors are which, ask me in the comments!

Here it is on my slightly cluttered desktop!

As usual, feel free to click on the image for a bigger version and then download it as your desktop! Enjoy!

Anna Grace


Day 264: Beaux Arts Photoshop

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

One of the first apps I downloaded for my iPad was the Photoshop Express app. As you well know by now, I love Photoshop and all of it’s amazing abilities, so I was curious to see what this free downloadable version of Photoshop for iPad could do! So I decided to play with some pictures that I already had on my iPad. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many pics on there and was limited to choosing either from my Paris pictures or from Beaux Arts 2010: the Monster Ball. So, I choose the Beaux Arts pics!

As I’ve already explained in a previous post, the Beaux Arts Ball is a sort of dance that the UTK College of Architecture and Design has every spring. Each year there is a different theme that everybody dresses in. The costumes are always crazy and risqué, but none more crazy than 2010 when the theme was Monster Ball or Lady Gaga/ Avant Garde. I took some so-so pictures of myself and my friends that night, but I thought I would highlight the crazy costumes even more by amping them up with the PS Express app!

The first picture I edited was of my good friend Whitney and my current roommate, Haley! While neither of them are actually in the CoAD at UT, they’d both been to a couple of the balls with me and didn’t want to miss the chance at another one! They went a somewhat more traditional route with fun jewelry and makeup and false eyelashes. That is, more traditional as compared to the rest of our group… they laughed so hard when they saw me! I do love Haley’s fabulous mask/headpiece and Whit had these great gold shiny sticker things from the Wal-Mart craft department stuck all over her! They kept falling off all night and we HAD to save them… oh the memories!! Anywho, they looked like hot stuff while the rest of us just looked crazy! Here’s the original pic.

And here’s the after! (I’d go into detail about what I did to it, but the Percocet’s kicking in so I’m going to make this snappy…)

This next picture is of my roommate at the time and fellow ID major, Alyssa. Her approach to the Gaga style was to put extensions in her hair to make a ridiculously long braid which she intertwined butterflies, flowers and other things into and then added some white body spray paint to her body and hair. She also had some jewels she put around her eyes! Here is the original photo.

And the after!!

This photo is of my good friend, Brian! He took a pretty simple route by just wearing a mask/headpiece, but man, it was a pretty awesome/extravagant thing! I think the original photo is pretty cool on it’s own as just a moment captured in time!

But even though I liked it as is, I decided to play with it a bit anyways! :)

This picture is of my friend Lauren B. She and I went together to MAC in Belk before the ball to get our makeup done! I thought her funky makeup went really well with her sort of bat wings and black satin and leather she had going on! Before…


This next picture is of my friend Lauren M. She and our other friend Perrin (who’s pic I’ll show next!) decided to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme! Lauren was the White Queen with lace and tulle and flowers and birds and God knows what else in here hair all covered with white hair and body spray paint! The before!

Aaaannnnnddddd after!

The person in this picture is Perrin, who was my roommate at the time! She went with the Alice theme and ran with it! She spent forever on the Queen of Hearts costume, molding the corset out of cards, making the mask and crown, perfecting the makeup… the girl loves costume-making and she’s great at it! She won best female costume! She hates this photo of her, but I thought it was cute with her blowing the little hearts :) . Here’s the before

And maybe she’ll like it more now after editing?

This last picture is of little old me! Since I couldn’t wear a mask with my glasses, I had my makeup done to look like a mask in rainbow colors to match the rainbow poofs on my costume! False eyelashes on the upper and lower lids made it even better and this was my initial discovery of my favorite hot pink lipstick! I also teased my hair as much as possible to add to the poof level of the whole ensemble… Here’s the before, which isn’t a bad picture itself, thanks to the handy work of my friends :)

And the after, amped up a touch :D

There you have it! Apparently the photoshop app brings out my hidden love for over-exposed, obscured, fuzzy-edged, bright, hipster photos! Haha I always knew there was a little hipster in me! :mrgreen: I love how all of these turned out! They just add to the memory of how awesome that night was! :D

Anna Grace


Day 251(? days late): November Desktop Wallpaper

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Since it is the beginning of a new month, I created another desktop/wallpaper for you to download and use! I somehow missed doing one for October… but hopefully this one for November makes up for it!

Like the last ones, I used the Fall/Winter 2011 Pottery Barn Color Collection for Benjamin Moore for all of the colors in this desktop. I found a line drawing of a cornucopia, so I decided to fill in all of the colors of that and use it as the main part of this one. I think it turned out really nice!

I really like this one! I feel like it really represents fall, November, and Thanksgiving! As always, feel free to click on the image to see it full size and use it as your desktop!

Anna Grace


Day 216(10 days late): Benny Photoshop Portraits

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Today is one of my best friend in the whole wide world’s birthday! I’m working on something else for Whitney that is my present to her, but it’s not quite ready, so I thought I’d honor her birthday with fun portraits of her cat, Benny!

Whitney has always been a cat lover, but her love became much stronger when she met Ben! Ben came from an abusive house where they actually shot him with a bb gun! He was left with one ear and a lazy eye, all of which made Whitney love him and want to have and help him even more! So she adopted him and had her brother keep him until she was done with school and could live somewhere that allowed pets. Now that she is in her own place with a real job, Benny is the love of her life! Now, I am definitely not a cat person, mostly because I’m allergic to them… in fact, for the most part, I really dislike them, but it’s really hard not to love Ben! He’s just the most comical cat ever! Whit’s always calling me with tales of his antics and texting me crazy pictures of him, so I decided that I would photoshop some awesome pictures of Ben that she took, and make them hilarious!!

This first one is Benny walking on the log away from the camera. I thought it would be funny if he was glowing and had butterflies around him! This is particularly comical because I really don’t like butterflies! I mean, I think the can be very pretty in their natural state, but any time I see and item of clothing or jewelry that has those cheesy butterflies, I want to tear it apart! Whit knows this about me, and loves to point out butterflies in everything, so why not have crazy glowing butterflies and raise the level of tacky?

This next one I used the same glowing method and highlighted Ben and his crazy eyes! When Ben gets in his cat fits, he attacks his toys and/or the rug and gets this crazed look in his eye! haha

This last one is more of a nice one where I just cut out the green parts of the photo and pasted them onto a black and white copy. I adjusted the saturation a bit to make it stand out even more!

That shows Benny’s classy side! :mrgreen:

Happy birthday, Whitney!!! Love you!

Anna Grace